Networking 101

Managing a team of network professionals can involve learning a whole new language. From TCP and IP to subnets, layers, and routing protocols, our Networking 101 series can get you up to speed on the networking world.

Networking 101: Understanding TCP, the Protocol

Best of ENP: Understanding the ubiquitous TCP is key to troubleshooting networking communications. First of two parts.

Networking 101: Understanding the Data Link Layer

Understanding how bridges, switches and VLANs relate will help you master the second layer in the OSI model.

Networking 101: Understanding Layers

Best of ENP: The OSI Reference Model gives you the tools you need to understand how networking works. Here's a guide that'll help you avoid common misunderstandings.

Networking 101: Understanding the Internet Protocol

Best of ENP: If you want to understand most networking, you have to understand the Internet Protocol and how it works.

Networking 101: Subnets Realized (Including IPv6)

Best of ENP: If subnets are such a pain to calculate, why do we have them at all? This and more in this week's Networking 101.

Networking 101: Understanding Subnets and CIDR

Calculating subnets can be tricky work. This installment of Networking 101 offers some tips and a few practice exercises to get you started.

Networking 101: Understanding Internet Routing and Peering

Best of ENP: Internet routing involves a lot of players and a lot of pieces. Before we delve into Internet routing protocols, here are the broad strokes.

Networking 101: Understanding IP Addresses

We kick off our Networking 101 series with a look at the building blocks of network configuration: IP addresses.

Networking 101: Understanding Spanning Tree

Learn the basics of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and its drawbacks and alternatives with the ENP primer.

Networking 101: Understanding Tunneling

Tunnels are key to everyday network security. Our gentle introduction explains how they work and offers some easy-to-try examples with SSH.

Networking 101: Understanding Multicast Routing

Whether you're watching a celebrity childbirth streaming live from Africa or just trying to help your enterprise network run more efficiently, understanding mulitcast routing is key.

Networking 101: Understanding OSPF Routing (Part 2)

OSPF is a versatile, efficient routing protocol. This week we learn more about what makes it tick.

Networking 101: Understanding OSPF Routing

As the most widely used interior gateway protocol, OSPF is where most network designers look when RIP just isn't enough.

Networking 101: Understanding Routing

Networking 101 begins its exploration of network routing with this introduction to basic issues and concepts every routing protocol addresses.

Networking 101: Understanding BGP Routing

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) can be critical for successful enterprise network administration. Brush up with our primer.

Networking 101: Understanding iBGP

Building on last week's look at BGP, this week's installment of Networking 101 considers iBGP for connecting multiple border routers.

Networking 101: Understanding (and Using) ICMP

Best of ENP:ICMP is "that thing ping uses," but it's a lot more, too. There's plenty to take in before we move further up the layer stack.

Networking 101: Understanding NAT and PAT

When is NAT not NAT? When the folks talking about it mean PAT. Networking 101 clears up some confusion on network address translation.

Networking 101: Understanding RIP Routing

RIP has its share of detractors, but as one of the oldest and simplest routing protocols, understanding it is key to to understanding routing.

Networking 101: Understanding Internet Governance

There's an alphabet soup of governing bodies overseeing the Internet's day-to-day operations. Here's how to tell your IANA from your ICANN.

Networking 101: TCP In More Depth

Learning more about how TCP handles basic flow control will help you understand some security issues and give you a leg up when it comes to optimizing high-speed networks.

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