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As we move forward into the virtualized, mobilized, cloud-based data center of the future, network security becomes more vital than ever. Cyber crimes are on the rise, with forty-eight percent more successful attacks on organizations per week in 2012 than in 2011, according to a 2012 Ponenon Institute study. The costs of these attacks on enterprises have risen, too. To protect the confidentiality and integrity of your firm's data and secure your network against DDoS and other attacks, you must stay on top of the latest in network security tools. That's where our Network Security Resources come in. From firewall management and security appliance reviews to Virtual Private Network (VPN) and network forensics buyers' guides and network access control (NAC) tools, let our experts help you find the right protection for your network.

They Want Your Enterprise Brains: Night of the Botnet of Things

The Internet of Things comes with a security downside that can't be ignored.

Is Gen Y Bypassing BYOD Policies?

New study from Fortinet shows a surprising disregard for BYOD policies.

ForeScout ControlFabric to Break Down Security Silos

NAC vendor announces platform for integration, information sharing, visibility, and security automation with CounterACT.

Fortinet Speeds Network Security with 160 Gbps Firewall

New Silicon ASICs power FortiGate-3700D Data Center Firewall

Bromium Promises Unbreakable Protection for the Modern Enterprise

Security startup uses microvirtualization and hardware isolation to protect the perimeter from attacks.

Notes from VMworld: Securing the Virtualized Enterprise

Nowhere is security more of a moving target than in virtualized and software defined environments. Vendors at VMworld look to address that.

NAC to Transform into EVAS to Address BYOD Challenges

NAC market growth spawns new Endpoint Visibility, Access and Security (EVAS) category. How can EVAS solutions enhance security?

Net Optics Leverages SDN for Better Network Security

Network and application visibility and monitoring solutions vendor promises seamless security and swift defense through software defined networking.

Mitigating Network Security Vulnerabilities at Offsite Locations

Distributed enterprise networks must take different measures to mitigate threats than their more centralized counterparts.

Review: AVG CloudCare for Distributed Businesses

AVG CloudCare aims to solve SME endpoint security and management headaches while ramping up protection.

Patch Management System Best Practices

It's not Patch Tuesday anymore. Maximize your network's security with these patch management system tips.

Three Big Ways to Make BYOS More Secure

Workers want to use their preferred file hosting services and productivity applications. How do you keep them happy while keeping your data and network secure? 

Review: Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013

Simplicity and accessibility make SEP SBE 2013 a strong security choice for small and medium businesses.

SolarWinds FSM Unifies Firewall Management

Firewall Security Manager (FSM) from SolarWinds brings unification to firewall management by centralizing control into a single easy-to-use application.

Review: NetCitadel's Cloud-based Unified Security Appliance Management

NetCitadel unifies security with a cloud service that is both easy to use and vendor agnostic, eliminating many of the challenges faced by security administrators.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform Buying Guide

We cover everything you need to know about Mobile Device Management (MDM) products, from must-have features to vendors large and small.

High-End Performance for Controlled Environments

Fortinet adds enterprise-class IPv6-ready appliance and a carry-grade security blade to its Firewall product lineup.

Network Security Essentials: Deep Packet Inspection

Strong security is a must for any network provider and deep packet inspection as well as behavioral analysis are leading the way to more secure networks.

NAC Appliance Buyer's Guide: ForeScout

CounterACT takes an automated Swiss army knife approach to controlling network access.

Red Seal Networks Advisor Suite Review

Red Seal's Network Advisor and Vulnerability Advisor work in tandem to uncover and alert your admins to configuration vulnerabilities in the network.

NAC Appliance Buyer's Guide: Bradford Networks

Bradford's Network Sentry layers NAC solutions atop a modular foundation that delivers visibility into and context around the world of alerts and indicators.

NAC Appliance Buying Guide: Avenda Systems

Avenda’s eTIPS strives to fit NAC into any network, small or large.

Network Access Control Appliance Buying Guide

In this network hardware buying guide, we pose questions that every organization should ask when selecting a NAC Appliance.

Using Log Files to Remediate Security Risk

Your logs aren't just for auditing and compliance, they can also be used in an SIEM solution that will remediate for security risk and threats.

Network Forensics Appliance Buying Guide: NIKSUN

NIKSUN NetDetector Alpine marries IDS and network forensics.

Network Forensics Appliance Buying Guide: Solera Networks

Solera DeepSee uses speedy forensic data navigation to improve time-to-resolution

Network Forensics Appliance Buying Guide: RSA NetWitness

In this EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet Network Forensics Appliance buying guide, we look at how RSA's acquisition of NetWitness marries two best-of-breed products to create a  comprehensive monitoring solution

Next-Generation Firewall Buyer's Guide: SonicWALL

E-Class appliances use reassembly free deep packet inspection to deliver speedy application intelligence and control.

Next-Generation Firewall Buyer's Guide: Palo Alto Networks

Next-generation firewall pioneer continues to raise the bar, using App-ID to control port-hoppers and encrypted Web apps.

Next-Generation Firewall Buying Guide

Given the rise of Web 2.0 and targeted malware, first-generation firewalls are not effective in dealing with current and emerging threats. Next-generation firewalls can detect application-specific attacks and enforce application-specific security policies.

Remote Access VPN Buyer's Guide: SonicWALL

E-Class SRA appliances offer flexible-yet-secure mobile access, governed by unified policies.

Remote Access VPN Buyer's Guide: Juniper

MAG Series Junos Pulse gateways unify network access control and SSL VPN to deliver safer mobile access.

Remote Access VPN Buyer's Guide: Cisco

Using AnyConnect Secure Mobility, Cisco leverages its VPN appliance to enable 'borderless' protection.

Buyer's Guide: Remote Access VPN Appliances

The days when a virtual private network meant just employee access from a laptop are gone. Today's VPN appliances must juggle on- and off-site smartphones, tablets, notebooks, you name it -- giving VPN shoppers a new set of challenges.

Make Metasploit Easy With Armitage

Metasploit's a complex project, but it's an essential penetration testing tool. Learn to tame its power with Armitage, a GUI for Metasploit.

More Secure Web Browsing

Sometimes I think that Google and other search engines should have a sign at the top of the page: Surf at your own risk!

Considering Security on Murphy's Network

When it comes to network security, Murphy's Law might read a little differently: If something can leave you vulnerable, it will leave you vulnerable.

Web Application Security: Are You Doing Enough?

While your network security team spends its time worrying about network-based attacks, the number of data breaches chalked up to Web applications continues to grow. Are you fighting yesterday's battles, too?

Six Network Security Resources You Should Be Watching

Keeping up on your patches is only half the battle. Here are six security sites and mailing lists you should be making part of your efforts to keep up on the fast-moving field of network security.

Network Security: Digging Tunnels to the Outside World

You want to restrict traffic and enhance network security, your users want to get at that traffic. Here are a few techniques that demonstrate how tossing up a firewall won't do you any favors.

Ten Open Source Security Apps Worth Considering

Are open source network security apps a good choice for your company? A look at the pros and cons. Plus: a handful of apps in the forefront.

Seven Free or Low-Cost RADIUS Servers for Your Enterprise Network

If you want to bring your existing identity services to your mobile users, these RADIUS servers can do it for very little money.

Review: Avenda Quick1X 802.1X Configuration Tool

You should use Enterprise mode security on your Wi-Fi network, but it's a complex task to configure 802.1X security. Avenda's Quick1X offers a handy wizard and other tools to make the job simpler.

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