Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Few technologies have captured the networking world's imagination as vividly as software defined networking (SDN), and few technologies have the potential to change the data center as dramatically. But few technologies are as confusing, either. Need to make sense of OpenFlow and OpenDaylight, or learn what major vendors like Cisco and Juniper and startups like Plexxi and PLUMgrid are doing in the space? Want to know what business value the abstraction of the control plane from the data plane can bring? Let Enterprise Networking Planet keep you up to date on the latest in software defined networking news.

From Software Defined to Application Aware Networking

Beyond SDN lies AAN and the path to a truly optimized application environment.

SDN: The Key to Computing in the Cloud

Data center virtualization and the next wave of the cloud will demand what software defined networking has to offer.

Interop: Will SDN Make Me Homeless?

Panel debates the definition of SDN and its impact on networking professionals.

Interop: What's Driving SDN Today?

OpenFlow still tops the list for deployment options but that could be changing.

Cisco Opens Up SDN Policy with OpFlex

Multiple vendors join with Cisco to support new protocol that aims to open up the southbound SDN interface.

Alcatel-Lucent Expands SDN and PoE Capabilities

New OmniSwitch 6860 brings improved OpenFlow support and enhanced Power over Ethernet to 60 Watts.

Extreme Networks Debuts SDN 2.0 Architecture

Software defined networking efforts expand with new integrations as Slalom switches get left behind.

HP Set to Deliver on SDN Vision

HP announces availability of SDN security product originally known as Sentinel and new cloud managed Wi-Fi capabilities.

Visibility Challenges and Solutions in Virtual Environments

Network state visibility is key to maximizing performance and security in virtualized environments.

Interop 2014 Preview: Networking is About More Than Just the Network

Interop General Manager Jennifer Jessup explains what's new and why vendor sales pitches won't be coming from the keynotes this year.

The Global Intercloud: A Whole New Ball Game for Cisco

Cisco makes the jump into services, but can it make the switch from dominant player to hungry newcomer?

SDN Drives New Dell Announcements

Active Fabric Controller enables virtualized network orchestration.

Cisco Debuts New Nexus ACI Switches

Cisco announces additions to its ACI-ready switching portfolio.

Why Facebook Does SDN

Facebook's director of technical operations explains why SDN makes sense and how networking and software professionals can work together.

Overlay Networks: Is SDN-Lite Good Enough for Now?

Building an entire new SDN-optimized infrastructure is a daunting task. Perhaps the overlay approach on legacy networks isn't so bad.

Networking Professionals Want Open Source SDN

Study sponsored by the OpenDaylight project finds demand and interest in open source SDN solutions, but that doesn't mean they need to be free.

How IT Pros Can Take Control of Their Virtual World

Virtualization and virtual data centers are becoming increasingly common. What can IT managers do to successfully manage the changes and stay relevant?

Your Network May Be Ready for SDN, But What About Your Storage?

All the activity coming from abstract resources can overwhelm anything still operating on the physical plane, including storage.

OFC 2014: SDN in the Optical Space

Some in the optical world set their sights on software defined networking.

Cisco Clarifies SDN Controller Positioning and OpenDaylight Participation

What role does OpenDaylight play in Cisco's go to market efforts for SDN?

Cisco Focuses on Security for Internet of Things Era

VIDEO: Cisco's security chief discusses security in the Internet of things era as software-defined networking is set to take hold.

IDC: SDN is a Buzzword

Stepping outside the SDN bubble, is the noise around SDN real?

ONS 2014 in Review

All looks rosy inside the SDN bubble as leaders and upstarts in the networking industry come together to push software defined networking and what it can do.

SDN in the Enterprise: It’s the Applications, Stupid

In the grand scheme of things, the true value of software defined networking lies not in what it is, but what it does.

ONS 2014: 6 SDN Solutions to Watch

Vendors gathered on the Open Networking Summit expo floor to showcase software defined networking solutions. Here are six that caught our eye.

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