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Best Antivirus Software for Enterprise Security 2021

Antivirus software protects your company data against cybercriminals, malware, ransomware and more. Explore top software now.

Digital Guardian vs. Symantec DLP: Data Loss Prevention Software

Digital Guardian and Symantec DLP Software monitor endpoints, secure data & adhere to compliance regulations. Compare these DLP tools now.

Code42: Product Overview and Pricing

Code42 provides a data loss prevention service that helps companies automatically identify & protect their sensitive information. Here's how.

Best Customer Data Platforms (CDP) 2021

Most tech buyers have heard of or currently work with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, but another customer data management solution is gaining...

Palo Alto Networks Addresses Modern Security Demands with Prisma 3.0

Prisma Cloud 3.0’s features are designed to help enterprises adopt a DevOps mentality, including adding security to infrastructure-as-code (IaC) environments.

Data Center Technology Trends for 2022

The demand for data centers continues to grow, pushed in part by the pandemic workplace, prodded along by internet-enabled TVs and other smart devices,...

Top 8 Data Migration Best Practices and Strategies

Whether you're moving to a cloud-based infrastructure, switching to a new vendor for a specific enterprise platform, or acquiring a new line of business...

Improving Workplace Equity with Unified Communications

As workforces around the globe continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, many lessons and trends about how and why we work have emerged....

5G Cybersecurity Risks and How to Mitigate Them

As 5G’s adoption becomes more widespread, concerns about its cybersecurity continually grow. 5G’s benefits are promising, such as software-based networking and acceleration of internet...

Data Democratization: Key Strategies for Your Business

As data democratization becomes more imperative to modern collaboration, its implementation for enterprises is often oversimplified. There are key benefits that data democratization can bring...

DataCore Acquires MayaData, Gaining Foothold in Kubernetes Space

The acquisition underscores the growing value of container architectures in solving many storage problems that have developed as container workloads increase.

5G Drives Collaboration Between Carriers, Cloud Infrastructure Providers

Telcos are partnering with cloud infrastructure providers to leverage the performance & capacity benefits of 5G, especially in edge environments.