Junction Networks: On-demand, self-service SIP communications

Part 16 of Phone for Rent: Understanding Hosted PBX Services — Your SIP phone works with Junction Networks service anywhere there's a broadband connection.

 By Mark A. Miller
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Junction Networks, Inc., headquartered in New York City, was founded in 2004, and today serves thousands of business customers with next generation hosted VoIP communications services.

The company targets small and medium business customers, and passed some significant milestones with their one thousandth customer in 2007, and the 50 millionth call placed over their business communications platform in April 2009.

Junction Networks’ service is available everywhere, and is typically deployed for customers with 5–100 end stations. The firm has also been recognized with a number of awards, including the Excellence in Technology 2008 award from Small Business Computing Magazine.

The company provides two key services: SIP and IAX trunking, and hosted voice services. The trunking service provides inbound, outbound, and toll-free inbound service, and supports all SIP and IAX-based platforms, including those from Asterisk, Fonality, and Switchvox. (IAX is the Inter-Asterisk Exchange protocol, an application layer protocol that combines both control functions and media services in one protocol. IAX is described in an