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Killing Daemons!
If you install most Linux distributions, including Red Hat 6.x in the “Server” configuration, you’ll find a number of optional system “daemons” running. Given the normal path of discovery of security vulnerabilities , one or more...
Tripwire – The Only Way to Really Know
So you think you may have been hacked, but you’re really not sure ’cause some crackers seem pretty stealthy (1). There really is only one way to know – employ a file integrity checker, like Tripwire or AIDE. In this article, I’ll...
Why Do I Have to Tighten Security on My System? (Why Can’t I Just Patch?)
Again and again, when considering system security, people tell me, “I already patch my system.” I try to explain to them, as I will here, why they’re still vulnerable, even if they patch and read BugTraq regularly. To this end, I’ll...