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Setting Up the Squid Proxy Server
Although native Linux networking allows you to set up your Linux server as an Internet firewall and gateway for a number of machines on a network, utilizing a caching proxy server can help reduce your bandwidth usage, as well as give you enhanced logging and...
Using the New Linux ReiserFS Filesystem
For most of Linux’s history, the extended2 (ext2) filesystem has been the standard, although the Linux kernel can be configured to read/write many other types of filesystems. Recently, work has been done on some new filesystem types in an attempt to...
Using Linux to provide Macintosh services
Linux is a handy piece of glue to tie together a network of disparate machines/OSs. Much work has been done by Linux developers to ensure that Linux machines can coexist with NetWare, the other ‘nixes, Windows, and MacOS. In this article, I will outline...