Digital Guardian vs. Symantec DLP: Data Loss Prevention Software

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Data loss prevention (DLP) is a set of technologies, tools and techniques that are designed to prevent sensitive enterprise data leaks. The rapid increase in the number of business communications has given more users access to sensitive enterprise data. Some of these users can be careless or malevolent—insider threats can expose sensitive data with a single click.

DLP software classifies business-critical, confidential and regulated data, identifies violations of pre-defined or company-defined policies, and enforces remediation with encryption, alerts, and other protective actions to avert users from accidentally or calculatedly sharing sensitive data that could put the enterprise at risk.  

Data loss prevention tools monitor and control the activities of end-users, monitor data in the cloud to protect data in use, at rest and in motion, filter streams of data on enterprise networks and provide reporting to meet auditing and compliance requirements. 

The main use cases for DLP are:

  • Compliance/personal information protection
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Data visibility 

In this guide, we will dive into what Digital Guardian and Symantec DLP have to offer. 

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Digital Guardian 

The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for enterprise data loss prevention. The no-compromise data protection software allows for swift deployment, on-demand scalability, and full data visibility. 

Key Differentiators 

  • Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform delivers quick deployment, elastic scalability and low overhead for greater return on your data security spend. 
  • The solution provides coverage for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems (OSs) and all applications, both browser-based and native.
  • Fine-grained, flexible controls, ranging from log and monitor to automated blocking help safeguard sensitive corporate data.
  • The solution offers deep data visibility.
  • With a “no policy, no problem” approach, you can see where sensitive data is located, how the data flows and where the data is put at risk. 
  • The solution provides comprehensive context, user and content-based data discovery and classification.   
  • Big data cloud services powered by AWS enable you to detect and respond to all kinds of threats quicker and more efficiently.
  • Database Record Matching fingerprinting technology helps protect data at rest and in motion with low overhead. 
  • A single, streamlined management console helps you configure and deploy agents and create and manage reports, alerts and policies.  
  • Digital Guardian has built custom applications and leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) to help you integrate with the security products you own, including Microsoft, Boldon James, Splunk, IBM, and AWS.   

Pricing: Fill a simple form to schedule a demo today. 

Symantec DLP

Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by Broadcom is a data loss prevention solution that provides the highest levels of data protection for communication channels like endpoints, email, web, cloud, and storage. With comprehensive detection technologies, enjoy fewer false positives and mitigate compliance and data breach risks. 

Key Differentiators 

  • Provides a single management console for administration, reporting, incident response and policy management. 
  • Comprehensive, streamlined protection, discovery and monitoring capabilities enable you to control sensitive corporate data and give you total visibility.
  • You can fine-tune policies to balance end-user and security productivity. 
  • Allows you to quickly and efficiently respond to sensitive data losses with one-click SmartResponses and automated incident remediation workflows. 
  • Monitors, prevents, and discourages users from leaking sensitive enterprise data with alerts, quarantining and real-time blocking. 
  • Symantec DLP identifies malicious user intent patterns and unusual user behavior with comparative risk scoring. 
  • Using an extensive library of data identifiers and flexible, predefined policy templates, the solution identifies sensitive information types. 
  • Threat-aware data protection helps restrict suspicious applications. 
  • Obtain visibility into sensitive data with fingerprinting and describing, image recognition, and advanced machine learning (ML) technologies. 
  • Symantec DLP provides broad integration support for rights management, data classification, third-party encryption, and user behavior products.

Pricing: Fill a simple form to get in touch with Broadcom’s Symantec Enterprise Division for product pricing information. You can purchase Symantec DLP through Broadcom authorized distributors and partners. 

Choosing DLP Software

Given the sheer quantity of data we are generating daily, it is vital we employ strict measures to secure it—purchasing a sturdy, feature-strewn DLP software is a step in the right direction. 

Symantec DLP is a well-rounded solution and our preferred choice. Having said that, both DLP solutions offer an assortment of features and are worth exploring. Visit their respective websites, determine their pricing and opt for the DLP tool that is a better fit for your organization. 

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