7 of the Leading Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

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Internet of Things devices continue to make our world more interconnected. The fact that the number of IoT devices surpasses the total number of human beings on this planet shows the ubiquity of these devices. As the market for IoT devices and users continues to grow, it is worth being aware of today’s leading top IoT devices.

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What are IoT Devices?

IoT devices refer to hardware devices that can support internet connectivity, interact with other devices over the internet and enable users to remotely manage them. These devices are programmed for specific applications and are embeddable into other IoT devices. Examples include smart security systems, smart HVAC systems, activity trackers, motion detectors, and more.

Uses for IoT Devices

IoT devices simply enable users to interact with the physical world in simpler, more convenient, and more intuitive ways. They reduce manual tasks and automate various day-to-day tasks.

For enterprises, they serve a key part in reducing costs and streamlining operations to improve efficiency and raise profits. IoT devices also help improve IoT products, as they can collect massive amounts of data, which companies can use to improve the end-user experience.

How to Choose IoT Devices

The selection of IoT devices is largely dependent on a user’s specific use case. However, it is important to consider factors such as compatibility, convenience, and security. The IoT device should be part of an ecosystem or be compatible and interoperable with other IoT services you may require. It should also be convenient and easy to install and use to ensure that it reaps benefits such as greater productivity and a higher quality of life.

The IoT device should also provide the right type and level of security for its specific use case. For instance, when sensitive data is involved, various forms of encryption should be offered by not only the device but the IoT system in general.

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Leading IoT Devices

Google Home

Google provides IoT solutions to simplify the building of connected devices. The provider helps to build innovative, secure, and connected products by making these products integrable with Google services and technologies. Google delivers a wide array of IoT products, among its most popular being Google Home. Google Home automatically enables users to connect to Google Assistant over Wi-Fi. It offers users hundreds of devices to choose from to increase the comfort, safety, and efficiency of their homes.

Key Differentiators

  • Compatibility: Google Home is compatible with Nest devices from Google in addition to hundreds of devices from users’ preferred brands to provide users the flexibility to approach smart homes in their desired manner.
  • Smart Devices for Vast Household Needs: Google Home covers smart devices for needs spanning climate and energy, lighting and plugs, security and awareness, entertainment, appliances, and more.
  • Matter-Enabled: Matter is an industry standard that enables smart devices to work together with greater security, reliability, responsiveness, and ease. Google Home will introduce Matter to its devices later in 2022.

Pricing: Pricing is dependent on the devices and service subscriptions that appeal to a user. The Google Home app, available on the App Store and Google Play, is the central point for controlling compatible home devices.

August Doorbell Cam and Smart Lock

August aims to ease and secure the lives of its customers by providing unprecedented visibility and control over their front doors. August’s mission is to provide smarter home access to ensure only authorized people come through the front door.

August’s two most popular IoT devices are the August Doorbell Cam and the August Smart Lock. The August Doorbell Cam allows clients to answer the door remotely and offers motion-alert-based recordings. This includes free 24-hour video recording. Doorbell Cam can be paired with other August products that a customer owns. As a security IoT device, August Smart Lock empowers users to conveniently manage their doors from any location.

Key Differentiators

  • Pairing: Doorbell Cam and Smart Lock can be paired with each other to offer convenient and seamless access to the right people and to keep out trespassers.
  • Convenient and Smarter Homes: August offers auto-lock and auto-unlock features to make it easier to provide and restrict entry. Its DoorSense feature enables users to always be aware of the safety of their homes.
  • Bank-Grade Security: With August, customers enjoy bank-level security for their homes. The company’s devices offer encryption standards that allow users’ data and homes to stay secure.

Pricing: The Smart Lock bundles vary from $199 upwards. Check August’s pricing page for more information.

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Philips Hue

Philips provides a complete scope of digital engineering capabilities for the IoT projects of its customers. The company is involved in smart city, building, home, and retail initiatives to enable its customers to unlock the full power of IoT. Philips offers a well-known lighting solution known as Philips Hue.

Philips Hue is an IoT-based futuristic smart lighting system that can be remotely controlled and completely wireless. The system provides a variety of controllable ambiance lights for different moods. These smart lights enable users to vary the atmosphere through mood, entertainment, and outdoor lighting.

Key Differentiators

  • Voice Activation: Through a Zigbee-controlled hub, the Philips Hue Smart Hub makes voice control with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa possible.
  • Full Smart Home Automation: Users can set timers, and alarms, connect to multiple applications, control lights, and more to enhance their Philips Hue systems.
  • Hue Accessories to Expand Your Ecosystem: Compatibility with Philips Hue accessories enables users to expand their smart lighting systems.

Pricing: The Philips Hue Starter Kits range from $69.99 to $199.99. Browse the entire Philips Hue collection on their products page.

NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi System

NETGEAR delivers innovative networking products to connect people, drive businesses and improve the quality of its users’ lives. The provider offers security, networking, and storage solutions excluding the complexity and cost of big IT for its business users.

NETGEAR Orbi Mesh WiFi is one of its most popular IoT devices, as it gives users protection through multilayer security and control as well as exceptional performance to ensure users enjoy the highest quality Wi-Fi experience.

Key Differentiators

  • Wi-Fi 6E Technology: Orbi provides its users with impressive speed and capacity and enables them to future-proof their Wi-Fi for the latest technology. Orbi 960 Series offers a 6GHz band for Wi-Fi devices for unprecedented speed and device capacity.
  • Unrivaled Performance, Coverage, and Connections: With industry-leading coverage of about 15,000 square feet and connectivity for approximately 200 devices, Orbi offers speeds of up to 10.8Gbps.
  • NETGEAR Armor: NETGEAR protects the devices of its users, including phones, laptops, door locks, and security cameras among others through NETGEAR Armor. NETGEAR Armor provides an automatic shield of protection to offer Wi-Fi the security it deserves from online threats.

Pricing: It costs $599.99 for the Orbi 750 Series, $999.99 for the 850 Series, and $1,499 for the 960 Series.

Bitdefender BOX IoT Security Solution

Bitdefender’s IoT security platform offers a massive network of security, management, and privacy solutions to internet service providers and mobile operators globally. These solutions cover verticals including connected home security, device security, data protection, network security, and data-driven insights.

Bitdefender BOX is a popular solution to secure connected homes, as it offers easy-to-use protection for user devices. Its Wi-Fi and home security offering enables users to secure all internet-connected devices, including those that are unable to run antivirus software.

Key Differentiators

  • Control of Your Home: Bitdefender BOX ensures customers have control of their home environments by offering them capabilities such as device detection, remote device management, intelligent profiles, and instant notifications.
  • Data Security: The security features offered by Bitdefender BOX make sure users’ data remains safe. It offers antivirus and anti-malware features along with phishing and fraud prevention, sensitive data protection, and safe browsing.
  • Network Security: With Bitdefender BOX, users can take advantage of network security features such as vulnerability assessment, exploit prevention, brute force protection, and anomaly detection to ensure their networks are safeguarded from threats.
  • Privacy Protection: The privacy features that Bitdefender BOX provides include content filtering, parental controls, a VPN, and network intrusion prevention.

Pricing: Bitdefender BOX is a subscription-based product with an annual subscription of $99 after the first year.

AWS IoT Dash Button

AWS provides IoT services and solutions for the connection and management of billions of devices. AWS users enjoy the ability to collect, store, and analyze IoT data for various workloads like consumer, commercial, industrial, and automotive workloads.

One of AWS’s most popular IoT devices is the AWS IoT Button. The AWS IoT Button is a Wi-Fi device that is simple to configure and designed to help developers get started with AWS IoT Core, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and more AWS services without having to write device-specific code.

Key Differentiators

  • Programmable Wi-Fi Button: The AWS IoT Button is programmable to control internet-connected devices and services. It provides users with a low barrier to entry to the Internet of Things.
  • No Hassle of Writing Device-Specific Code: Users can code in the cloud to configure their IoT Buttons’ single, double, and long clicks. As a result, users do not have to write code for specific devices.
  • Flexibility: The device can be used as a switch for Philips Hue systems, Netflix remote control, check-in or -out for Airbnb guests, and more.

Pricing: Contact Amazon for the latest price, availability of the device, and additional services that may appeal to you.

Foobot Air Quality Monitor

Foobot is a company that optimizes how building HVAC systems are controlled by the use of artificial intelligence. It provides better climate and energy savings in office buildings. Its technology is used in commercial real estate to avoid energy waste and ensure a healthier indoor atmosphere, for companies to improve the indoor conditions of workforces, and for HVAC manufacturers to enable HVAC products to connect to the internet.

The Foobot Air Quality Monitor is an IoT device that uses an LED display to visualize the quality of the air and expose pollutants in the air.

Key Differentiators

  • Tracking of Pollutants: The Foobot app provides real-time readings and charts of pollutants over time to enable users to identify pollution sources and patterns.
  • Pollution Spike Alerts: The air quality monitor alerts users of pollution spikes, the type of pollutant, and the extent of pollution to help them effectively deal with pollution.
  • Pricing: Give Given all the variables, contact Foobot for pricing information and the availability of the device.
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