Juniper Debuts New EX4600 Switch for High-IQ Networking

Juniper Networks is expanding its Ethernet switch portfolio with the new EX4600 family. The high-end EX4600 box is capable of up to 1.44 Tbps of throughput.

In total, 72 x 1 GbE of 10 GbE ports and 12 x 40 GbE can be combined into a single rack unit (RU).

“The EX4600 switch is filling the need of an evolving enterprise networking environment and is something EX4600that was not already in our portfolio,” Mike Marcellin, senior vice president of strategy and marketing at Juniper, told Enterprise Networking Planet. “EX4600 is focused on the increasing scale requirements that we’re now seeing, especially in the campus aggregation space.”

Juniper is currently in the process of executing on its Integrated Operating Plan (IOP) as it refocuses its business on a number of key areas, including High-IQ and Cloud Builder networks.

Marcellin explained that the EX4600 switch is a part of Juniper’s High-IQ networking strategy.

“EX4600 not only delivers industry-leading performance and resiliency for demanding enterprise apps (UC, ERP), but is also open and smart, allowing it to integrate with automation tools,” Marcellin said. “In addition, the switch has an advanced analytics module to surface network intelligence and to allow the network to be tuned to perform for the enterprise’s specific application.”

The switching business overall has been one of positive growth for Juniper this year. During the company’s second quarter earnings call in July, Juniper reported switching revenue of $200 million for a 25 percent year-over-year gain.

Juniper has been busy reinvigorating its switching portfolio over the course of the last two years. In April of 2013, Juniper announced its EX9200 switch, providing a new programmable platform for the Software Defined Networking era.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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