Providing Secure Guest Internet

Contractors, customers and other visitors often demand access to the Internet while on site. Some companies attempt to restrict this entirely. A better approach is a sensible guest access policy that provides limited access without compromising security. This free report from Intel details a pilot carried out at 4 company sites on guest access including a survey of users. In addition, it identifies what Intel found to be the best architecture for providing access.

“To test the feasibility of providing guest Internet access (GIA) services to visitors on site for business
purposes, Intel IT conducted a pilot program at four office and factory sites. The pilot demonstrated
such positive results that we plan to deploy the service company-wide.
“We determined that offering GIA was more than just a courtesy service: it was critical from a business
perspective. Visitors needed to use their own computers to connect to the Internet and their corporate
networks to access data or applications that allowed them to do their jobs while on site. This type of
open Internet access was not part of our traditional network architecture due to security concerns.”

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