Silver Peak Agility Integrates WAN Optimization with VMware

Virtualization works well within servers, but what happens when you need to move a virtual machine across the WAN? That’s the area where WAN optimization vendor Silver Peak is aiming to help.

Silver Peak is set to demo a new solution at the VMworld conference next week as part of the Agility initiative. What the Agility demo will show is the integration of Silver Peak’s WAN optimization with VMware’s vCenter virtualization management console. With the integration, a VMware virtualization user can enable the WAN optimization of virtual machine traffic directly through vCenter.

“What we’re announcing with Agility is tools and management integration to make it easier for non traditional networking folks to utilize WAN optimization technology completely within the virtual realm,” Rick Tinsley, president and CEO of Silver Peak, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Silver Peak has both physical and virtual WAN optimization products in its portfolio, though Tinsely noted that Agility is focused on the virtual side of the house. Silver Peak’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA)was first announced in 2011.

While the Agility integration can enable easy access to Silver Peak’s WAN optimization, the actual virtual appliance will need to be setup separately.

“What we’re highlighting is the ability to enable or disable WAN optimization, given that a Silver Peak appliance is already installed,” Tinsley said. “We are building functionality to automate the installation of Silver Peak instances directly from vCenter, but that’s not what we’re showing at this time.”

Tinsley expects the full management, installation and deployment capability to be available later this year in a production downloadable plugin.

Software Defined Networking

The Silver Peak Agility effort is strongly aligned with the overall movement toward Software Defined Networking (SDN). In order to enable the Agility demo, Silver Peak is leveraging Nicira’s Open vSwitch virtual switch. Nicira was acquiredby VMware earlier this year for $1.26 billion.

“The problem we have to solve is that we need to redirect traffic going to and from the target workloads and redirect them to Silver Peak, ” David Hughes, CTO and founder of Silver Peak told EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet. “So we are using Open vSwitch and SDN protocols to achieve that.”

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