AIOps Platforms: Broadcom vs. ScienceLogic

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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) platforms are multilayered tools that enhance information technology (IT) operations and provide automation by using machine learning (ML) and analytics to analyze big data that is collected from different IT operations devices and tools. 

AIOps platforms help IT Operations (ITOps) departments automatically discover, respond to, and report on ITOps issues in real time. An AIOps platform leverages the power of ML, analytics, and big data to partially replace and support tasks and processes in IT domains, such as automation, monitoring, technical support, and data management.

With the help of automated capabilities like root cause determination, anomaly detection, and pattern discovery, AIOps platforms consume data from a variety of sources, collect application logs, and measure the health of your network. 

The critical functions of AIOps platforms include:

  • Ingestion
  • Topology
  • Correlation
  • Recognition
  • Remediation

Read on to learn about Broadcom and ScienceLogic.  

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AIOps from Broadcom offers organizations complete visibility across users, applications, infrastructure, and the network. You can harness this data and leverage the power of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for exceptional insights. 

Key Differentiators 

  • The platform connects data across development and operations (DevOps) and provides continuous feedback loops for improvement. 
  • AIOps from Broadcom uses a multi-pronged approach of extensive ML algorithms, a patented topological data model, time, text, and training for insights across disparate datasets. 
  • The solution automatically executes remediation tasks as per the requirements of your complex, dynamic operational environment. 
  • Broadcom delivers easy-to-use, scalable, and flexible automation that can be easily aligned with dynamic technical and business requirements. 
  • The solution provides support for software-defined networks, cloud-native applications, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, traditional open systems, and mainframes.
  • AIOps from Broadcom offers several critical capabilities, including operational intelligence, application performance management, infrastructure monitoring, network monitoring, intelligent automation, and operational intelligence for the mainframe.
  • Overall, the benefits of the solution include enhanced scalability, maximized operational productivity, and efficiency and optimized user experiences. 

Pricing: Contact the Broadcom sales team for product pricing details.


ScienceLogic SL1 Platform is a context-infused AIOps platform. The solution allows you to view data in one place, apply AI and ML for actionable insights, and connect the IT ecosystem. 

ScienceLogic SL1 Platform offers four unique capabilities—IT workflow automation, Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) workflow automation, business service visibility, and hybrid cloud monitoring. 

Key Differentiators 

  • You can discover all components within the enterprise in one place and collect and store data in a normalized, clean data lake. Hybrid cloud monitoring features include root cause analysis, event correlation and noise reduction, and infrastructure health monitoring.
  • A unified operations data lake eliminates the human factor in maintaining, normalizing, cleaning, and merging data collected across a multitude of data sources. 
  • With business service visibility, you can understand relationships between business services, applications, and infrastructure and gain actionable insights. Features include anomaly detection, behavioral correlation, service impact analysis, and business service health analysis.
  • ML-driven behavioral correlation accelerates root cause analysis by correlating anomalies and events within a business service context. 
  • You can connect the IT ecosystem by integrating and sharing data across technologies and the ecosystem in real-time. To automate proactive and responsive actions at cloud scale, apply multi-directional integrations. 
  • ITSM workflow automation capabilities include troubleshooting and remediation automation, ticketing and routing automation, and configuration management database (CMDB) and monitored environment synchronization. 
  • IT workflow automation capabilities include processes and workflows automation, data federation and synchronization, and low-code workflow automations authoring. 

Pricing: You can request a demo by filling a simple form. Request pricing for flexible purchase options. 

Broadcom vs. ScienceLogic

With the help of a table, we differentiated between Broadcom and ScienceLogic.

FeaturesBroadcom (AIOps from Broadcom)ScienceLogic (ScienceLogic SL1 Platform)
Ability to Understand Needs
Pricing Flexibility
Ease of Deployment
Availability of Third-Party Resources
Ease of Integration Using Standard Tools and APIs
Quality of End-User Training
Monitoring Capabilities
Service and Support
Willingness to Recommend
Overall Capability Score

Choosing AIOps Software

AIOps from Broadcom combines AI, ML, and end-to-end observability and provides digital agility, actionable insights, intelligent automation, and full-stack and full-chain visibility. The solution’s critical capabilities include operational intelligence for the mainframe, network monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, and operational intelligence. 

ScienceLogic SL1 Platform offers four state-of-the-art capabilities to see, contextualize, and act—hybrid cloud monitoring, business service visibility, ITSM workflow automation, and IT workflow automation. 

The solution offers a unified operations data lake, multi-tiered business services, ML-driven behavior correlation, accurate CMDB, and built-in workflows and automation.  

Broadcom and ScienceLogic offer several valuable features. Visit their respective websites, assess the features they offer, and purchase the AIOps software that is best suited to your business. 

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