AIOps Platforms: Datadog vs. New Relic

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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) refers to multi-layered technology that leverages big data, machine learning (ML), and analytics to automate and enhance IT operations management. The quantity of information technology (IT) operations data that we generate is increasing by two to three times annually. 

This is a direct result of constant enterprise infrastructure expansion to meet growing business needs and the shift from traditional IT infrastructure to dynamic on-premises and cloud environments. AIOps platforms are replacing manual IT operations tools to enable IT operations teams to respond proactively and efficiently to outages and slowdowns. 

It is safe to say AIOps solutions are the present and future of IT operations management, as they bridge the gap between a growingly complex IT landscape and the expectation of users for an uninterrupted application performance experience. AIOps platforms perform the following functions:

  • Collect and aggregate data generated by performance monitoring tools, applications and IT infrastructure components. 
  • Intelligently identify useful patterns and events related to availability issues and system performance. 
  • Diagnose root causes and report them to the IT operations team for rapid remediation or if possible, automatically resolve these issues without the need for human intervention. 

Here is all you should know about Datadog and New Relic.

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Watchdog, Datadog’s AIOps platform, simplifies the process of monitoring and managing rapidly scaling environments. 

Key Differentiators 

  • The solution analyzes infrastructure and application performance with ML and automatically detects issues like cloud service provider issues, elevated latency for any query or database and abnormal error rates in any service or application. Watchdog provides instant context for troubleshooting when an issue is detected. 
  • Watchdog’s Correlations view automatically identifies potential “needle in a haystack” root causes, thus saving time and effort. 
  • Anomaly detection accounts for expected variations in key metrics like customer checkouts and website traffic along with long-term trends to flag behavior that is unexpected in an intelligent manner. 
  • Outlier detection algorithms monitor and evaluate large, dynamic fleets of application instances, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, containers and servers to identify abnormal behavior. 
  • Forecasting algorithms detect resource constraints like an application running out of memory and alert engineering teams well ahead of time to prevent bottlenecks. 
  • Watchdog RCA provides real-time root cause analysis across your applications and infrastructure for immediate diagnosis. This helps reduce mean time to resolution.

Pricing: You can try the solution for 14 days, free of cost. Reach out to the Datadog sales team for pricing and volume discounts.  

New Relic

New Relic Applied Intelligence is an AIOps solution that enables you to discover and prevent potential issues in a quick manner. The platform reduces noisy, redundant alerts and gets to the root cause of incidents with automatic insights. 

Key Differentiators 

  • The solution spots unusual changes across services, applications and log data based on latency, error and throughput and delivers automatic alerts through collaboration tools like Slack, with no configuration needed. 
  • Events are correlated almost instantly based on relationship data across systems, alert context and time and issued in the form of a single alert with all necessary information to take immediate action. 
  • ML-based automatic root cause analysis helps you solve problems faster. You can see why an issue happened, the systems that are impacted and what actions you should take to resolve the issue.  
  • You can sync the solution with incident management tools like PagerDuty and ServiceNow to make it easier to immediately trigger remediation workflows. 
  • A single view to see what is happening across your entire IT landscape. 

Pricing: New Relic Applied Intelligence is free of cost.    

Datadog vs. New Relic

Here is a head-to-head comparison of Watchdog and New Relic Applied Intelligence.

FeaturesWatchdog (Datadog)New Relic Applied Intelligence
Ability to Understand Needs
Pricing Flexibility
Ease of Deployment
Ease of Administration
Availability of Third-Party Resources
Ease of Integration Using Standard Tools and APIs
Quality of End-User Training
Service and Support
Product Direction
Infrastructure Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Security Rating
Overall Capability Score

Choosing AIOps Software

With features like automatic metric correlation, outlier detection, forecasting and anomaly detection, engineers can rely on Watchdog’s built-in ML capabilities to enable continuous awareness of growingly complex systems, cut through the noise to provide clear visibility and intelligently monitor a large number of objects. 

New Relic Applied Intelligence is a free AIOps platform that enables you to detect the root cause of anomalies, reduce alert noise and resolve issues with less toil than traditional IT operations management tools. 

It is clear that both AIOps platforms offer a solid range of features and benefits. Assess the AIOps solutions in detail and purchase one that most accurately meets the necessities of your business.

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