IT Pros Concerned About Virtual Security

But action doesn't seem to follow, according to a recent survey.

 By Sue Poremba
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Vendors Cited as a Security Risk

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Though lack of budget was the most-cited (51 percent) reason keeping IT from   adequately securing the virtual infrastructure, lack of staff expertise (48.1   percent) and vendors� licensing and support models (40.2 percent) followed   closely behind (Multiple answers were allowed.)

In the rush to virtualization, security seems to be an afterthought, according to a survey of 302 IT professionals by security vendor Prism Microsystems. Though these pros seem aware of the dangers that come with virtualization, many are using get-by strategies and failing to heed best practices. Those practices could prove to be costly in the end – especially if there's a data breach. That's why, with money so tight, Prism Microsystems' Steve Lafferty, VP of marketing, advocates for a "single point of control to seamlessly monitor the entire IT infrastructure, from the physical to the virtual.�

This article was originally published on Jun 16, 2010
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