4G: Congestion and Capacity, and Speed

Most of the talk about future 4G mobile broadband networks appears to focus on speed. While these networks will be faster than current 3G networks, this Ars Technica article points out that 4G is all about congestion and capacity.

“But speed isn’t actually the main reason why every carrier in the developed world is trying to extend the life of 3G networks by speeding them up, and build 4G networks as fast as equipment and financing is available. It’s all about congestion and capacity, not speed. (In the developing world, 2G networks are being boosted to 3G speeds, too.)

“‘They’re not really for speed, they’re not really for voice, they’re for capacity,’ said Allen Nogee, a principal analyst at the In-Stat research firm. Overwhelmed network operators need to handle more devices, each of them owned by high-revenue customers.”

Read the Full Story at Ars Technica

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