Accommodate Increasing Networking Needs

Enterprises are investing in networking infrastructure and increasing capacity, but you must be ready to act fact whether you networking demands increase gradually or suddenly. This new report on discusses how you can conserve network bandwidth and increase network efficiency.

“Although the market continues to be uncertain and news headlines have their fair share of gloom, one thing can’t be argued: Recent growth in the networking market clearly shows that enterprises are investing in networking infrastructure and increasing capacity. This likely has little to do with supporting internal growth fueled by rising staff levels; rather, it seems that companies are increasing their networking in order to meet external demands, enable innovation, and remain competitive.

“‘There are several trends that are happening in SME data centers that should be of interest to every SME IT manager—for example, data center consolidation, virtualization, and cloud services,’ says Ronen Kenig, product marketing manager for Radware’s Alteon Products ( ‘All of these trends are designed not only to reduce CAPEX and OPEX of SMEs on their own infrastructure in their own premises, but also to increase the flexibility and agility of the network infrastructure so it can react quickly to meet changing business requirements, such as new services, new applications, and increased capacity.'”

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