Alcatel Optical Switch Offers 4T bps with Less Power

The new 1870 Transport Teraswitch (TTS) can switch a mix of traffic types at 1T bps with a maximum capacity of 4T bps in a single chassis. According to PC World’s report, the 1870 TTS will work with both new and existing technologies in carriers’ core networks.

“Traffic on service-provider networks is growing fast, led by video applications and the use of mobile data networks that feed into the large-scale wired infrastructure. Advancements in optical technology have allowed carriers to divide the light traveling over a single fiber into more wavelengths, increasing the capacity of existing networks and forcing routers to process more traffic. The capacity of a single fiber is nearing 1T bps, said Alberto Valsecchi, vice president of marketing for optics. Alcatel wants to help carriers keep up with these trends.”

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