AMI Enhances Network Storage Software with RAID-RT

American Megatrends (AMI) has announce the latest addition to its StorTrends iTX network storage software, RAID-RT. As mentioned in the company’s press release, RAID-RT is a complete solution, and because RAID-RT is a component of StorTrends iTX, it helps manage RAID arrays, along with event notification and alerts.

In contrast to traditional Hardware RAID, RAID-RT offloads processing tasks and leverages multiple Hardware Accelerators instead of relying on a single Hardware RAID Host Bus Adapter (HBA) CPU. Because no hardware is added to the storage array with RAID-RT, there are fewer points of failure, lower power consumption and no additional cost required to deploy it.

“S. Shankar, President and CEO of American Megatrends commented that ‘while Hardware RAID is generally seen as a more reliable solution for error handling, the stellar Robustness Technology of RAID-RT takes Software RAID to new heights of performance and reliability. It incorporates a sophisticated fault-handling module on top of the classic RAID logic to impart ruggedness and error recovery at a level never seen before with Software RAID.'”

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