Atheros 802.11n Router Supports Demanding Multimedia Apps

Atheros Communications has announced its new 3-stream 802.11n router solutions, that offer support for reliable video-over-wireless and other bandwidth-intensive applications.
According to the company’s news release, Atheros has optimized its 3×3 wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions to deliver exceptional performance for a variety of bandwidth-hungry usage scenarios – enabling manufacturers to build premium Wi-Fi products for the digital home and enterprise.

“Atheros’ latest XSPAN router solutions (the AR938x and AR9390) combine a powerful 3×3 802.11n architecture with a unique set of range enhancements (known as Signal Sustain Technology-3, or SST3) to boost throughput by 50 percent across the entire wireless link. Atheros has enhanced its XSPAN solutions with several innovative features to provide a flawless video-over-wireless experience. Its 3-stream WLAN solutions have also been optimized for use with the industry’s leading network processors, which streamlines the design of high-performance routers and access points that support enterprise security and management features, or multimedia and gaming applications in the home.”

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