Australian Mesh-Network Offers Outback Connectivity

Australian researchers have tested a new system that aims to prevent service jams in a disaster situations and also introduces cell phone coverage to remote areas.According to this POPSCI report, the system uses cell phone swarms, enabling regular mobile phones to make and receive calls without cell towers or satellites.

“The Serval Project, named for an African wildcat renowned for its problem-solving abilities, includes two systems: The first involves dropping small self-powered phone towers from aircraft into disaster areas, where they will provide temporary relief. The second involves a mesh network which can be automatically formed between any Wi-Fi enabled phones.

“The project uses open-source software designed by Serval team members at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. Dubbed Distributed Numbering Architecture (DNA), it even allows people to use their existing phone numbers.”

Read the Full Story at POPSCI

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