Cisco Expands Entry Level Routing

Networking giant Cisco is expanding its routing lineup with a new front-line entry level device. The Cisco RV110W is targeted at small business and home office deployments of up to five people.

The RV110 includes an integrated 4-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet switch for wired connectivity and an 802.11n radio for Wi-Fi. Cisco has also included a VPN which can support up to five remote users. Rounding out the features on the RV110W are Quality of Service (QoS) and VLAN capabilities to segment and control network quality and resources.

The new RV110W fits in just below the RV120 W which debuted earlier this year and had been Cisco’s previous entry level device.

“I think this will be the bottom of the router portfolio,” Nasser Tarazi, Cisco product manager told <em></em>.” I would not think that we’ll be building anything at a lower price point.”

The RV110W has a suggested retail price of $99 making it the lowest price Cisco branded router currently in the market.  Tarazi noted that Cisco’s Linksys consumer hardware division does have devices in the same price point, though he stressed the RV110W has business features that Linksys does not.

Among the features that the RV110W includes that Tarazi noted are not typical in consumer routers, are QoS, VLAN and VPN. Additionally he noted that the RV110W supports the next generation IPv6 addressing system.

The RV110W joins the RV120W and RV220W as the three initial entry point to Cisco’s routing portfolio for small business users. In contrast to the RV110W, the RV120 provides support for up to 10 VPN connections. The RV220W has support for 25 VPN connections and also provides gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

As to why Cisco has chosen to stick with 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet for the RV110W, Tarazi noted that Gigabit Ethernet is not yet a must-have requirement for small businesses. That said, he noted that as the price point of Gigabit Ethernet ports come down, more devices will likely be Gigabit enabled in the future.

Tarazi added that the the RV110W, RV120W and RV220W lineup offer small businesses choices in an era where budgets are more constrained than ever.

“The main reason why we introduced the RV110W is for affordability,” Tarazi said. “We want to give a good price point for small businesses.”



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