Entuity Network Management Solution Offers Flow Analysis

Entuity has announced integrated flow analysis into its network management solution, Eye of the Storm (EYE) Enterprise 2010 SP2. According to the company in this recent news release, the latest version allows you to quickly pinpoint where the network is overloaded is and what’s causing it. This new capability is available to EYE customers at no additional charge in the latest product service pack.

“EYE Integrated Flow Analyzer (IFA) technology is a short time span diagnostic and troubleshooting functionality integrated into the base EYE management product providing the ability to characterize and understand IP traffic presenting flow-based performance data alongside EYE’s traditional elemental performance metrics. EYE’s IFA technology runs on existing EYE servers, dramatically reducing typical system footprint and eliminating the biggest drain on system resources associated with traditional NetFlow solutions. IFA can also be deployed as distributed flow connectors for increased scalability and performance.”

Read the Full Story at Entuity.com

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