Expand Networks Extends WAN Optimization Products

Expand Networks has announced two additions to its Accelerator product family – the 3830 and 3930. Claiming the solution ideal for small offices and retail branches in its latest news release, the new Accelerator Series platform offers standards-based TCP Acceleration (SCPS), Compression, IPSec VPN and QoS performance.

“Adam Davison, Corporate VP of Sales and Marketing at Expand Networks explains, ‘Whilst other WAN Optimization vendors reduce entry level ranges, we’re responding directly to growing customer demand for extending global network deployments into smaller or harsh locations, but doing so cost-effectively and with the opportunity to scale. This is equally critical whether in a small retail branch or a harsh satellite environment. These Accelerators provide affordable pricing without performance degradation; ensuring customers’ investments are fully future-proofed.’

“Delivering the full capabilities of Expand's AoS, the new Accelerators provide standards-based TCP Acceleration (SCPS), Compression, IPSec VPN and QoS performance enhancements that optimize and condition WANs in the most cost-effective deployment. The 3830 Accelerator includes optional 4GB flash for caching, while the 3930 offering is equipped with a hard drive, enabling maximum optimization across all Expand platforms.”

Read the Press Release at Market Watch

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