Gogo6 Offers IPv6 Technology

With the movement to IPv6, technology executives are quick to offer new products and services. The company Gogo6, reports The Inquirer, only offers technology to do with IPv6 and is now offering the “world’s first v6 adapter”, a plug-n-play device that is designed to provide IPv6. Designed to work with your home networking equipment rather than replace it, Gogo CPE version 1.0 allows users to run a dual-stack home network, which can deploy IPv6 using IPv4 or IPv4 using IPv6.

“A changeover can be a long and time consuming process, but right now it is not worth panicking about. However, to make the whole job easier in the long term, it might be worth getting started sooner, rather than later. At least, companies like Gogo6 are certainly hoping you’ll see it that way.

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