Announces Mac Internet Security Application

A new Internet security application for the Apple Macintosh was launched by GoTrusted reports Red Orbit. The application, GoTrusted Secure Tunnel, uses SSL VPN (virtual private networking) technology to encrypt traffic over the GoTrusted VPN service network,
and is used to encrypt and secure Internet access including all internet activity over insecure public Wi-Fi connections. GoTrusted Secure Tunnel, requires no configuration, and, because of the SSL-based encryption, will work where other VPN services may be blocked.

“‘Given the recent increased customer base of the Apple Macintosh, and the lack of other Internet security already installed on those systems, users should take extra precaution when using public Wi-Fi at cafés, when traveling, or other locations’ said David Lonardo, President of GoTrusted. ‘Before now, there wasn’t a simple and effective way to encrypt your Internet connection on the Mac without configuring a bunch of settings or the chance that the methods used weren’t going to work on the hotspot you were on.’”

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