Internet IPcalypse Countdown

Based on a rate of about one million addresses every four hours, the depletion of IPv4 addresses should occur on February 2nd. Hurricane Electric has launched Twitter and Facebook accounts that count down to what it has termed the IPcalypse. This doomsday campaign is intended to encourage other Internet service providers to transition to the IPv6 system. Mashable reports that IPv4 and IPv6 can coexist during the transition despite being largely incompatible, and software and hardware developers are working on transition mechanisms, and most operating systems install support for IPv6 by default.

“Every device that is connected to the Internet gets a unique code called an IP address. The current system, IPv4, only supports about 4 billion individual IPv4 addresses.
As PC World’s Chris Head explained in a blog post yesterday, some of these addresses are reusable. The problem, however, is that their one-time use counterparts will eventually lead to the complete depletion of IP addresses.”

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