ISP Transparency in UK Benefits Customers

In an attempt to ensure UK customers can choose the best ISP for their needs, the Broadband Stakeholder Group has devised a code to ensure customers can compare the traffic management techniques employed by different companies. Broadband Finder reports BSkyB, BT, O2, Talk Talk, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone who are responsible for 90 per cent of all fixed-line broadband customers and 60 per cent of all mobile broadband customers in the UK, have signed up to the voluntary code.

“Antony Walker, chief executive of the Broadband Stakeholder Group, said: ‘This commitment to provide clear and comparable information in a common format is very important.
It will not only help to ensure consumers are better informed about the services they buy and use, but will also provide a clearer picture for policy makers of the way in which traffic management is actually used in the UK market.’”

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