McAfee IPS Offers High Network Security Protection Levels

Market Watch reports that recent comparative tests from NSS Labs scored the McAfee Network Security Platform M-8000 appliance highest in accuracy and throughput. McAfee’s default security effectiveness scored an unprecedented 92 percent which illustrates the company’s unparalleled threat protection, network performance and operational excellence. Industry average effectiveness hovers below 50 percent, suggesting this could be a game-changer for organizations that are not able to invest countless hours fine-tuning their IPS policies to achieve effective network security.

“‘We chose to use the McAfee Network Security Platform as a substantial component in our Managed Security product line and have been extremely impressed with their Recommended Policy,’ says David Wilson, manager of Data Security at PAETEC, a managed provider of Network IPS services. ‘Tuning an IPS device is as much about avoiding false-positives as it is about blocking additional threats. The out-of-the-box accuracy we see in the McAfee Network Security Platform saves us countless hours each week and saves our customers the pain of unnecessary false positives compared to other solutions we’ve tested.'”

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