Meraki Launches Identity Policy Manager Product

Meraki has announced availability of its new Identity Policy Manager (IPM) product for customers using Meraki’s Enterprise Cloud Controller. As noted in the company’s news release on, IPM provides tools to manage multiple user policies on the same network.

“Many organizations have network access policies that specify who can connect to the network, where these users can go on the network, and what networking resources they can use. Traditionally, managing these rules has been a complex, multi-vendor endeavor with potential performance degradation, multiple points of failure, and more complicated troubleshooting. Meraki’s IPM product streamlines this process by enabling administrators to set access control policies across multiple wireless sites from a web browser. Integrated into Meraki’s award-winning Cloud Controller – the cloud-based centralized management system that controls and monitors thousands of Meraki networks over the web – customers are able to set different bandwidth and quality of service parameters, prohibit wireless clients from communicating with each other, and allow only certain employees to access sensitive LAN resources, among other features.”

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