New Ways to Use WAN Optimization

The benefits of WAN optimization are many, but new tests show that WAN optimization can also provide better application performance, and finding the right gear can address unrelated business goals. This Network World article looks at new ways to improve business performance with WAN optimization.

“The company tested several vendors’ gear – Theofanos wouldn’t say which ones – but liked Cisco’s WAN optimization gear WAAS because it tunneled traffic in separate TCP sessions, enabling more detailed monitoring of traffic over the WAN. It was also integrated with Cisco’s Netflow system that gathers further traffic information that can identify user and applications that are blocking more important traffic.

“The gear reduced traffic between 20% and 40% of the volume it took up before optimization, and the result is that the company hasn’t had to expand bandwidth on its MPLS network as fast as it would have without the technology, he says.”

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