Next-Gen Firewalls: Control Apps and Protect Networks

In the past, firewalls worked based on their protocol to apply to all available applications. Next generation firewalls, like those being developed by Palo Alto Networks need to better control apps to protect the network. This Info Tech report discusses next-gen firewalls and how compliance and application usage is changing the role of the firewall in network security.

“All solutions providers seek to solve some sort of problem for the client; for Palo Alto Networks, they mainly focus on compliance. In some cases, compliance requires a company to keep certain apps on certain segments of the networks. Banks, for instance, have regulations that say they have to log everything. If apps on the network cannot be controlled; that leads to other problems.

“‘All the new threats these days are a found in web applications, particularly social web applications,’ said Ting. “Threats today are increasingly targeted towards users and are often times coming in over social networks. The biggest threat we see today is someone who posts a comment on your Facebook (News – Alert) wall and it looks like it is from your friend. It will say ‘click here to look at my latest pictures’ and by clicking on that, they have a botnet on their machine.”

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