RICOM Unveils Converged Network Program

RICOM has recently announced a new program that the company claims will help its customers assess the value of implementing converged network adapters to support the need for increased bandwidth in virtualized server environments.
According to this news release on Earth Times, the program offered by RICOM consists of a cost/benefit analysis, review of current data center architecture and recommendations regarding deployment of converged network adapters.

“Converged network adapters permit the combination of LAN networks and storage networks into a single fabric. CNAs serve both Fibre Channel-based storage data and TCP/IP-based LAN data over existing Ethernet cabling with the use of an FCoE-enabled 10Gb Ethernet switch. This reduces the number of ports and adapters while providing the high bandwidth necessary to meet increased throughput demands. From the perspective of the operating system, a CNA appears as both a NIC and HBA, ensuring configuration and management tasks remain largely unchanged.”

Read the Full Story at Earth Times

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