Riverbed Accelerates WAN Performance for Windchill

Riverbed Technology claims that organizations utilizing PTC Windchill for product development can experience enhanced performance with Riverbed wide area network (WAN) optimization. According to the company in its recent press release, by dramatically accelerating the performance of PTC Windchill over the WAN, enterprises can quickly access large files for the design and development of new products.

“‘Windchill is leveraged by enterprises to help improve and optimize product development activities. Many times, employees working on one project are dispersed in remote offices around the globe,’ said Ram Krishnamurthy, Director of the Enterprise Deployment Center at PTC. ‘With Riverbed WAN optimization, product development teams can enhance communication and collaboration with global teams.’

“Testing at PTC’s Enterprise Deployment Center has shown that customers can expect increased productivity and performance of remote sites using Windchill with WAN connections that have limited bandwidth and significant latency. Using Riverbed’s WAN optimization solutions, developers can realize up to 55 percent data reduction with Windchill Content Replication sessions, resulting in dramatically faster performance.”

Read the Full Story at Riverbed.com

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