Securing The Corporate Network

Somewhere between VoIP, SaaS, virtualization, a mobile workforce and many other new challenges, it is not surprising to see how bandwidth and volume of traffic have changed the way in which corporate networks are used. This My
Broadband News story discusses some of these risks and how to secure the corporate network

“Organizations are now faced with a whole new set of challenges, including the need to reduce operating costs, the
mobilization of the workforce, compliance requirements, and the trend in outsourcing growth, while still needing to gain competitive advantage. Technology trends such as the growth in real-time and Internet-based applications and communication; Software as a Service (SaaS); Web 2.0; the
virtualization of services and increases in bandwidth and volume of traffic have changed the way in which corporate networks are
utilized. Employees are increasingly utilizing network services, for both productive and unproductive purposes, and never before has there been such a great need for maintaining a high-speed network and information sharing.”

“With an increasing need to bolster network security yet meet new performance demands, as well as resource and budget restrictions, Unified Threat Management (UTM) has emerged as the most practical, effective and affordable solution for
organizations. UTM simplifies an organization's network defenses by combining multiple countermeasures that provide protection against multiple types of threats, operating across multiple layers of the computing stack in a single physical device. It offers reduced cost of ownership and enhanced security, as well as additional benefits such as simplicity and ease of management, to name a few.”

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