Solarflare Achieves 118 Gb/s Network Throughput

Solarflare has announced the results of testing with the Intel Xeon Processor 7500 Series Server. According to the company’s news release on Market Wire, it equipped four Solarstorm SFN5122F dual-port 10GbE NICs on a four processor Intel Xeon Processor 7500 Series Server, achieving a new LAN speed record at 118 Gb/s network throughput.

“The test addresses the growing need for low-latency, high-performance 10GbE switch-to-server solutions for consolidated and virtualized computing environments. Testing conducted by Solarflare with the latest Intel server platform shows greater than 100Gb/s application throughput can be achieved with commercially available 10GbE products.

“The company measured the application performance of TCP/IP protocol processing using four SFN5122F dual-port 10GbE server adapters on four socket Intel Xeon Processor 7500 Series server running RHEL 5.4. Interrupts were affinitized between adapters and processors to enable efficient mapping of network traffic to the multiple cores, and the Ixia Chariot test tool was used to set up application-level, bi-directional TCP/IP streams.”

Read the Full Story at Market Wire

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