The Fatidic Day For IANA Depletion Predicted

Circle ID reports that two /8’s had been allocated to RIPE and two to ARIN and the two remaining are
rumored to being allocated to APNIC who will claim them in January. With nothing left in IANA’s free pool to distribute, the fatidic day for IANA depletion is predicted to be February 23rd 2011. With the depletion of IPv4 pending, author Yves Poppe, Director, Business Development IP Strategy at Tata Communications, suggests a traffic mix clock would be an interesting and entertaining little tool to predict when IPv6 will represent 10, 20, 50, 88, or 99 per cent of total IP traffic.

“I just read that Free in France is about to announce a new ‘freebox’ some name ‘la v6’. Considering that they have the worlds biggest number of IPv6 enabled end users, IPv6 traffic will grow faster than we would have projected yesterday. Interesting to note that the write-up also refers to VoIP rumours; VoIPv6 ?”

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