The Shift from WiMAX to LTE

In the United States, Clearwire has a large WiMAX network covering 69 markets but the company recently announced testing LTE signals. Cisco also said the company will be exiting the WiMAX market. This Technorati article looks at the current state of WiMAX outside the USA and Europe markets.

“First, let’s look at Cisco’s bowing out of the WiMAX radio, antenna and base station market. While this may seem like a big deal, Cisco never really was a big player in this market that has been and still is dominated by Cellular tower manufacturers such as Motorola and Qualcom.

“It is my belief that Cisco made a half-hearted attempt to enter the market for the purpose of helping to kick-start the 4G revolution. Cisco wanted to get their foot in the door to begin conversations with wireless service providers such as Clearwire so they could sell not only WiMAX gear, but also routers and switches.”

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