Unicoi Adds Features to its Dual ModeNetworking Stack

Unicoi Systems has announced the release of version 8.7 of its Fusion Embedded dual-mode TCP/IP stack. According to the company’s news release on Earth Times, included with this release of Fusion TCP/IPv4/IPv6 are new features and enhancements, including a 15 percent performance increase in transmit speed.

“The 8.7 release’s new features include support for the socket option SO_BINDTODEVICE which allows an application socket to use a specific interface for all communications. Additionally, fnsIfGetIpAddressList and fnsIpGetAddressList were updated to supply the application with a full compliment of descriptive flags allowing the application to better understand the usage of each returned address.

“Fusion Embedded TCP/IPv4/IPv6 version 8.7 also boasts a performance enhancement to the transmit fast-path scenario and an optimization of the FNS_CRITICAL macro. These enhancements increase TCP transmit performance by as much as 15% (for certain ports), depending on the buffer size written to the socket.”

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