Vitesse Delivers ‘Green’ 12-Port Gigabit Ethernet PHY

Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation has announced the VSC8512, a 12-port Gigabit Ethernet PHY device with dual media copper and fiber support and Vitesse’s new EcoEthernet 2.0. for energy efficiency features. In this Market Watch news release, Vitesse claims the VSC8512 boasts 50-percent higher density than the leading transceiver competitor, and 66-percent greater density than other suppliers.

“‘The unprecedented density of Vitesse’s new 12-port VSC8512, combined with its EcoEthernet 2.0 technology, simplifies designing next-generation green Enterprise switches and Carrier Ethernet switch and routers with 24-, 48-, and even 96-ports in a single line card,’ said Jason Rock, product marketing manager at Vitesse. ‘While this might have been possible using older quad- or octal-port chips, system design is now greatly simplified with the VSC8512’s level of integration complemented by its unique energy-efficiency and thermal management feature set.'”

Read the Full Story at Market Watch

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