Why SMB Cloud Options Can Be Risky

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly turning to cloud computing as an easier alternative to in-house IT, but this Sys-Con Media report suggests that the high costs of cloud security is leaving SMBs at risk. As reported in the article, often abetted by user ignorance, provider apathy, and the high cost of security solutions, hackers are turning to cloud computing and social media as an easier, cheaper alternative to botnets.

“The biggest cloud security problems are largely unique to SMB and often ignored and downplayed by naïve or cynical cloud boosters, but they are real and growing faster than public awareness or available solutions. Consumers using public clouds primarily for storage and backup or using social networks for communication and file sharing are already pretty safe and getting safer. And, enterprises using private clouds for IT flexibility and efficiency or using social networks for crowdsourcing and brand building are also not facing particularly higher risks than with other, more established technologies.”

Read the Full Story at Sys-Con Media

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