Java Blueprints for the Enterprise

A new version of Java Blueprints has become available to developers, thereby bringing the goals of J2EE development that much closer to becoming a reality in enterprise application development. The program includes the Java Pet Store 1.3, the first BluePrints sample application that incorporates the new technologies of J2EE v 1.3.

Sun Microsystems maintains that Java BluePrints for the Enterprise will “…enable developers to get up to speed quickly on the latest features of the J2EE Platform and helps them create architectures that not only meet the needs of the enterprise today but also are robust, resilient and accommodate for future change.”

Java BluePrints for the Enterprise defines the application programming model for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and provides common design strategies and best practices for effectively building distributed enterprise applications for the J2EE platform through a variety of program deliverables such as the Java Pet Store sample application.

A core component of the BluePrints program, the Java Pet Store 1.3 sample application includes the new technologies of the latest version of J2EE such as EJB 2.0, Java Message Service (JMS) and XML-based messaging. It is an architectural example that illustrates both best practices for implementing the J2EE technologies, and an application framework that incorporates design recommendations and a set of reusable components for inventory management, shopping, supply chain management, billing and shipping. The Java Pet Store works on any J2EE compatible application server. Other components of the program include an early version of the BluePrints book and white papers discussing enhancements to the implementation guidelines.

These examples help developers make the best decisions when designing an enterprise application using Java technology. The Java Pet Store source code gives enterprise developers the information they need to quickly build and deploy enterprise applications for J2EE 1.3:

  • Enables developers to design and architect a J2EE application efficiently
  • Helps developers easily incorporate code examples into applications projects
  • Accelerates solution delivery time-to-market by enabling developers to more rapidly design, develop and deploy J2EE solutions
  • Assists developers to build maintainable, portable, scalable Java applications based on the J2EE compatibility paradigm
  • Shares with developers Sun’s Java technology expertise as well as the community’s helping them build on the latest release of the platform and reduce learning curves
  • Helps developers build high quality applications that leverage Java technology

The Java Pet Store is a sample application that demonstrates the possibilities developers have to architect standards-based applications and forms a repository of developer knowledge on the most common design issues and best practice recommendations. Under the Berkeley license agreement, developers can download, modify the code, deploy and redistribute it free of charge.

Java BluePrints for Enterprise is available from Sun’s Web site, is distributed with the Java Jumpstart CD, the J2EE Developer Resource Kit CD, and also available from J2EE licensees who are planning to redistribute it with their products.

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