SuccessFactors Claims Record-Breaking Cloud

SuccessFactors announced this week what the company believes is the largest private
cloud deployment in the world. The company’s on-demand HR software will support 420,000
users across 80 countries in 20 languages for electronics giant Siemens AG.

Lars Dalgaard, CEO of SuccessFactors, called it “the worlds’ largest known Enterprise
Cloud Computing deployment” in a statement.

SuccessFactors is running a user conference that will be in San Francisco on June 8-9,
Chicago on June 15-16, and New York on June 18-19.

The company announced a new module for its core product, the SuccessFactors
Performance and Talent Management Suite “that allows companies to maintain centralized
employee information with deeply integrated social networking and collaboration, giving
employees, managers and executives a single, real-time hub to have a more complete
picture of their people,” it said in a statement.

Two more companies have since announced new products. Marketo offered a new service on
the public cloud platform of and Tripwire announced a new
virtualization product for the administrators of private clouds.


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