Symantec Adds Endpoint Compliance to Stable

Symantec is adding security compliance to its list of competencies with the planned acquisition of Sygate, which specializes in endpoint security.

The company announced its planned acquisition on Tuesday, but didn’t disclose how much in cash or other considerations it’s paying for Sygate.

Sygate’s Universal Network Access Control system provides enterprise class users with an ability to control the level of security an endpoint (desktop, laptop, server or mobile device for instance) must have before obtaining access to network resources such as DHCP servers, VPNs or wired/wireless switches, and ensuring that they remain compliant with security policies once peered to a network.

“It is critical to have an endpoint compliance solution that will allow companies to leverage their existing IT infrastructure to control the myriad devices connecting to the network,” said Enrique Salem, senior vice president, Security Products and Solutions at Symantec. “[…] Sygate provides the first universal network access control system designed to protect the entire enterprise network — from mobile devices to servers to unmanaged devices. The fact that their technology is built on industry standards means that companies don’t have to implement expensive infrastructure changes to deploy this solution.”

This acquisition marks yet another in a recent string by Symantec. Other recent purchases have included Brightmail and Veritas.

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