Enterprise Ethernet Switch Buyer's Guide

Enterprise Ethernet Switches Ethernet switches are a core part of your enterprise network. When you're trying to choose the best switches, you have to consider an array of choices from physical characteristics like port count to management features that make it easier to run a large network.

Our buyer's guide to enterprise Ethernet switches helps you understand your choices by introducing you to the Ethernet switching market, explaining what you should be looking for in baseline performance, and identifying up-and-coming features on their way to becoming must-have standards for energy-efficient networks. Once you're familiar with the basics, our expert guide takes you through the product lines of three major Ethernet switch vendors.

Juniper Enterprise Ethernet Switch Buyer's Guide

Juniper's Ethernet switch lineup reflects the company's commitment to a "flat" data center fabric.

Cisco Enterprise Ethernet Switch Buyer's Guide

Networking leader Cisco says two key trends to watch are increasing demand for video and the consumerization of IT, and its Ethernet switch product line reflects that belief.

HP Enterprise Ethernet Switch Buyer's Guide.

With the worldwide Ethernet switch market recovering, HP is poised to take advantage with a broad, deep switching portfolio.

Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Switches

Vendors like Cisco, Juniper and HP are piling more and more features into their enterprise switch offerings. Understanding the switch market is key to saving on management, energy and cooling costs.

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