Emulex and Myricom Offering Network Adapters

Emulex today unveiled a line of PCIe network adapters for servers, the result of a partnership with Myricom, a provider of networking solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) cards, shipping under the OneConnect Network Xceleration banner, were developed to deliver the levels of performance that organizations are increasingly trying to coax out of their Ethernet networks.

HPC and enterprise networks often one and the same

The boundaries between enterprise computing and the HPC space are blurring, Nan Boden, Myricom’s CEO, told Enterprise Networking Planet. Data center operators that service certain verticals — finance and network security in particular — are seeking out accelerated application-aware networking technologies but don’t want to resort to pricey or exotic infrastructures.

Her company specializes in low-latency, software-enhanced Ethernet-based adapters that allow network administrators to accelerate network applications with low CPU overhead. Examples include wire-speed packet injection or accelerated media streaming.

“A lot of vertical markets require this level of performance,” said Boden. Rather than fighting an uphill battle and push HPC-derived tech on CIOs, Boden believes the reverse is true. “Markets are coming toward what we do.”

Together with Emulex, which enjoys broad OEM and channel support for its enterprise networking offerings, ” … our technology is able to be brought to a larger commercial space,” said Boden.

It’s a combo that should prove popular with network operators, Seamus Crehan, founder and president of Crehan Research, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

“As performance and latency become increasingly important, we expect that Ethernet products, which can offer these characteristics, will enjoy strong network adoption,” he said.

“This partnership, which combines Emulex’s current 10GbE port shipment leadership position with Myricom’s HPC expertise, is well positioned to address this fast-growing market,” added Crehan.

One network to rule them all

As much as they may crave performance, CIOs don’t generally want to juggle different network types, Shaun Walsh, vice president of Corporate Marketing for Emulex, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Staffing and training considerations also factor into decisions about deploying high-performance networks based on technologies like Infiniband. For some IT shops, their infrastructure’s futures may hinge on decisions like “one set of administrators versus three,” added Walsh.

Interop debut: FastStack Sniffer, DBL & Video

With OneConnect Network Xceleration cards, Emulex and Myricom are aiming to make such discussions moot. The companies are debuting three solutions at Interop, all based on Emulex’s OCe12000 10GbE network adapters, and each distinguished by Myricom software.

The FastStack Sniffer10G model supports 100 percent loss-less packet capture and injection, according to Emulex. The cards feature port aggregation for increased bandwidth and multi-core CPU support for accelerated application performance.

Aimed primarily at network monitoring and security applications by enabling capabilities like deep packet inspection, Emulex said the Sniffer10G cards can be put to many uses. For instance, public cloud providers can use the cards to enforce multi-tenancy security SLAs and high-frequency trading platforms can boost their analytics capabilities to refine their market models and trading algorithms.

Also catering to the high frequency trading market is a FastStack DBL-powered version, which accelerates UDP and TCP communications. By minimizing latency, the cards speed up transactions and deliver predictable performance — big priorities among high-frequency traders. The FastStack DBL adapters are optimized for Linux and Windows operating systems and accelerate existing sockets applications, no modifications required.

Lastly, the FastStack VideoPump Emulex OCe12000 card allows content providers to pump out more media streams per server, reducing hardware and energy costs. FastStack VideoPump scales to supports more than 25,000 high-definition video streams at roughly 3 megabits per stream. It features traffic shaping, data pacing and quality-of-service features for smoother live streaming and IPTV services.

Prices start at $690 for a 1-port 10GbE adapter and FastStack Sniffer10G or DBL software bundle. The Emulex-FastStack VideoPump solution is scheduled to ship later this quarter.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.


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