Fonality’s Telephony Ecosystem Embraces snom Phones

In the continuation of a trend that Enterprise has noticed frequently of late: Rather than leaving it to the reseller channel, California-based Fonality, purveyor of the hybrid VoIP phone system PBXtra as well as trixbox CE and trixbox Pro (all derived from the open-source Asterisk code) is building its own community of trusted partners—the Fonality Authorized Certified Ecosystem or FACE.

The common thread tying the FACE partnership together is the use of open-source technology.

According to the trixbox website “Fonality FACE partners provide the highest quality technology and the deepest integration with Fonality’s IP-PBX VoIP phone systems, and Fonality provides support discounts and incentives to resellers and IT consultants who choose FACE-certified hardware products when building Fonality phone systems for their customers.”

As of this week, the German firm snom technology AG joins phone vendors Aastra Technologies and Polycom as a FACE partner—along with VoIP service provider and connectivity hardware (telephony card) provider Sangoma.

Snom’s 3xx series phones (see our write-up of the snom 370) as well as the cordless m3 IP DECT phone (which we wrote about here) are all fully certified components on deployments of the free trixbox Community Edition (CE) platform—the descendent of the popular open-source [email protected] PBX.

“Malfuctioning hardware and non-compliant providers are a big problem in the open source telephony market,” said Chris Vuillaume, Fonality vice president of business development and channel. “FACE allows customers to deploy phone systems with complete confidence and we’re happy to welcome snom into the FACE ecosystem for trixbox CE.”

“snom and Fonality both share a deep commitment to delivering open standard VoIP products and systems tailored to meet the needs of the underserved small and medium business market,” said Dr. Michael Knieling, snom executive vice president of marketing and sales. “By partnering with Fonality, snom can deliver an advanced, open source IP PBX solution that enables SMBs to enjoy cost-effective, productivity-enhancing business communications.”

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