FreedomVOICE Systems: Cutting-edge business phone features.

FreedomVOICE Systems, headquartered in Encinitas, California, is an established provider of next-generation communications services. Founded in 1996, the firm specializes in virtual office solutions, including voice, online faxing, on-demand teleconferencing, and lead generation— plus call capture systems for real estate. While concentrating on small and mid-size customers, the company’s 40 employees have served a number of organizations from sole proprietorships to biggies like Microsoft, Principal Financial Group, Star Search, CBS, and the San Diego Zoo.

The company provides a wide range of services across the United States. These include:

In the voice area, the company offers two products, the FreedomVOICE Virtual Office and the FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX.Virtual Office is a virtual phone system for home and small businesses that can route calls directly to existing phone lines. FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP phone systems provide a combination of cost savings, increased call quality, reliable customer support, and cutting edge business VoIP features. Both products are offered to businesses nationwide.

FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX services include a number of interesting features:

  • Dynamic Auto Attendant:welcomes callers and guides them to the appropriate employee or department. Custom greetings can be uploaded through the web, recorded over the phone, or custom-created from professional voice talents.
  • Advanced ACD & Call Queuedetermines how calls are forwarded, including round-robin, simultaneous, least-time, and skills-based distributions. The callers can stay in a queue for a representative during peak business hours instead of being lost to voice-mail.
  • Unified Voice & Fax Messaginguses a single phone number for both voice and fax calls. All voice-mails and fax messages can be sent as e-mail attachments to the addresses of choice or accessed at any time through the web.
  • Internet Control Panel the WebLINK Internet Control Panel provides total access to call routing and analysis features (see Figure 1), voice and fax messages (see Figure 2), an employee scheduler (see Figure 3)call reports, account information, and more. The users can access their voice-mail and change their personal settings online.
  • Outlook Integrationallows direct integration with Microsoft Outlook for the triggering of outbound calls directly from e-mail. With one click, a desktop phone will ring and then connect to the desired recipient.
  • Visual Call Reportsprovides a real-time status of the FreedomIQ VoIP PBX at any time, including a display of which users are logged into their phones and an option to listen in on any live call.
  • Recorded Calls for some or all of the calls that are received, whether for employee training purposes or to protect the business against disputes and misunderstandings. These recordings can be accessed at any time through the WebLINK Internet Control Panel,or be delivered to the recipient as an e-mail attachment.
  • Teleconferencing Servicethe reservation-less teleconferencing service is accessible 24/7. Dial one toll-free number and enter a personalized PIN to start a meeting immediately.
  • Softphone Softwareallows the VoIP PBX to go anywhere, staying connected with the office with features like VoIP presence, contact management, and call traffic history.
  • Voice-mail Transcription the TalkText feature uses industry-leading voice recognition technology to convert voice-mail messages to text and deliver them to an e-mail inbox or mobile phone.

FreedomVOICE pricing is calculated for each customer proposal, with enhanced nationwide and toll-free numbers and virtual office support as low as 4.5 cents per minute.

Further information on the Freedom Voice solutions can be found at next tutorial will continue our review of various service providers hosted voice solutions.

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