Intellicomm: Affordable Fortune 500-class communications.

Intellicomm, Inc., headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, got its start in 1994 as a custom software and information technology consulting firm, and over the years, developed into a hosted unified communications service provider. Intellicomm’s objectives are to deliver exceptionally high quality software solutions, place a strong emphasis on customer and employee satisfaction, and leverage the best technology to solve business challenges.

The firm’s voice communications solutions, marketed under the name Innoport, are designed to offer Fortune 500-class communications to the broader business community at affordable prices. The Innoport product line is quite broad, encompassing voicemail, instant messaging, fax, and find-me/follow-me in addition to hosted PBX capabilities.

Hosted PBX services include a number of call processing features, including fully customizable outgoing greetings, dial-by-name and full listing directories, music on hold, live call transfers, and group announcements and notifications. Automatic call distribution (ACD) capabilities are also included, which can route incoming calls to agents based upon agent skills, to remote agents, or to voicemail, as required.

The Hosted PBX services are available with both of the Innoport service plans, Jump Start and Standard Corporate.

The base subscription fee for the Jump Start plan is $9.95 per month. This includes either a toll-free or an economy number, with a local area code number available for an added monthly service fee of $4.95. On this plan, customers are allotted a simple monthly usage allowance of 150 minutes and can add up to five extensions at no additional charge.

The base subscription fee for the Standard Corporate plan is $22.95 per month, with the monthly service fee for each phone number varying based upon the quantity of numbers required and the type of numbers selected. This plan includes 15 extensions, with additional extensions available for a monthly service fee of $2.95 per extension. Under the simple usage pricing model customers receive a monthly allowance of 400 minutes. This usage allowance may be consumed by any of the applications (voicemail, fax, find-me/follow-me, etc), with minutes above the allowance charged at a rate of $0.07 per minute. Monthly minute packs can be added to the plan, ranging from 400 minutes for $25.00, to 23,500 minutes for $1,000.00.

With their experience in custom software development, Intellicomm is also able to incorporate automated speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities into unique solutions, to address applications such as automated information retrieval, outbound notification systems, on-demand message routing, survey questionnaires, and automated transcription services via speech-to-text processing.

Enhanced Voice Mail services are offered starting at $5.95 per month, and include a number of capabilities: voice-mail retrieval via dialup; voice-mail to WAV file conversion with retrieval via e-mail; voice-mail delivery via FTP or secure FTP sites; and an option to receive up to 60 minute voice-mails via FTP downloads and up to four minutes via e-mail (for customers with long-winded friends or business associates). Secure voice-mail delivery is also available, utilizing the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and File Transfer Protocol with support for Transport Layer Security (FTPS) between secure servers, or using encrypted e-mail with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) over Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Instant messaging services are encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, and are available to all Innoport customers.

Fax services, also priced at $5.95 per month, provide for Internet fax reception, with a personal fax number that delivers incoming faxes directly to the customer’s PC; online fax transmission, sending faxes from the Web or e-mail; plus enterprise level and corporate fax integration that can automate fax operations through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) and optical character recognition (OCR) modules.

Find-me-Follow-me services start at $9.95 per month, provides customers with a virtual phone number and the ability to ring up to five different phone numbers before sending the call to voicemail. The ringing sequence can be altered for different days and times, with call screening also available that prompts callers to identify themselves, thus allowing the called party to either accept the call or redirect it to voice-mail.

In addition to the Innoport voice communications portolio, Intellicomm offers the innovative StraightReach service. StraightReach allows businesses to define, create, and display their phone menu system directly on their website, thus allowing their customers to reach the correct department much more quickly. Creating the embedded file is quite simple – a phone menu is created, an XML file is then developed, and finally the Javascript code is embedded on the webpage. Check out for a demo that describes this interesting product.

Further information on the Intellicomm solutions can be found at Our next tutorial will continue our review of various service providers hosted voice solutions.

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Mark A. Miller, P.E. is President of DigiNet Corporation®, a Denver-based consulting engineering firm. He is the author of many books on networking technologies, including Voice over IP Technologies, and Internet Technologies Handbook, both published by John Wiley & Sons.

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