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Linux Security: Tips from the Experts

Concerned about the security of your Linux environment or looking for ways to beef up your existing security? Two Linux security pros share tips to help you get up to speed on the latest Linux security advancements.

Microsoft’s Office System 2003 – Administrative Boon or Bane?

New features and administrative capabilities abound in Office System 2003, but businesses will also need to migrate to Windows Server 2003 in order to enjoy all of the benefits.

802.11 Hotspots Just the Start – More Wireless Management Scenarios on the Horizon

Enterprises and network administrators are starting to face an increasing number of new remote access and management scenarios beyond the ever-present need to secure corporate laptops at public hotspots.

Managing Active Directory Forests in the Business Wilderness

It can be tough telling the forest from the trees when migrating to Windows Active Directory, which is why it’s critical for administrators to dovetail the deployment of AD forests and domains with the business needs of their organizations.

Linux Clusters for the Mainstream Manager

With the rapid adoption of Linux clusters in high performance computing (HPC), high availability (HA), and Web farm applications, can mainstream deployment be far away? Get up to speed with clustering on Linux before it arrives on a network near you.

Wireless Gone Wild: Time to Plan Your WLAN

At many companies wireless LANs have grown organically and don’t blend in with the wired network infrastructure, leaving network managers with a number of decisions. Those choices run the gamut from establishing wireless policies to settling on a WLAN architecture.

Businesses Report Systems Glitches from “Big Blackout”

As last week’s Big Blackout of ’03 begins to fade into history, businesses are starting to report the first crop of resulting problems with storage and other computer systems. On the whole, though, disaster prevention measures and recovery systems appear to have held up remarkably well.

The Unix Influence on Mac OS X

Mac OS X offers a wide range of choices for network management and system administration. You can continue to point and click, of course, but to get the most mileage out of Apple’s OS, it’s best to know as much about Unix as you can. Learn how and when to use Unix-based commands like “sudo” and “su” in this Managing Mac Networks article.

Enterprise IM Marches On

To ensure more administrative control over instant messaging, organizations are starting to deploy enterprise instant messaging systems, which add critical features like policy-based rules, logging, archiving, and encryption. As Jacqueline Emigh reports, IM vendors still need to achieve interoperability, though, to better enable secure and managed messaging between users and their outside customers and partners.

Vendors Key On Infrastructure Integration

The “integration” buzzword can mean a lot of things. Vendors are integrating more capabilities into management tools of various sorts. Other products are trying to bridge the gap between technology and business processes. For customers, the best approach is to do some planning before taking the plunge, particularly when extensive systems changes may be involved.

Streaming Media Trickles into the Enterprise

Streaming media deployments are hardly for the faint of heart. Like it or not, though, video Webcasts are trickling their way toward your organization. Jacqueline Emigh reports on the streaming media scene and offers tips to help ensure all your bases are covered and that your network is ready when a streaming media project rears its head.

Managing Content Gets Easier, Despite Big Challenges

Content management is getting easier with the advent of new commercial CM packages, vendor alliances, and some industry standards. Jacqueline Emigh surveys the current content management scene and reveals several key considerations to take into account when choosing a CM solution.


More Functionality in Windows Server 2003, but at What Price?

Microsoft delivers Windows Server 2003 with more features and functionality, but is it worth the cost of upgrading? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

From Apollo to Zeus: Novell Maps Future Plans for Zen, GroupWise, and Directory

Open-source support initially made the headlines at BrainShare, Novell’s annual conference, but the real news is that Novell spelled out its long-term plans for Zenworks, GroupWise, eDirectory, and other flagship networking products — and these plans are ambitious, to say the least.

IBM to Launch “Autonomic” Assualt This Week

IBM Tivoli will debut an assortment of products, including a new autonomic engine, at IBM developerWorks Live! later this week in an attempt to boost the company’s stature in the areas of crossplatform management, security, and autonomic computing vs. industry rivals, particularly HP’s OpenView.

Interoperability Issues Infest Wireless LANs

With equipment prices falling and the number of hot spots rising, wireless LANs will become more predominant in 2003 than ever before. For network managers, though, vendor interoperability is expected to remain a critical issue across areas ranging from encryption to configuration management tools.
Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Is Crossplatform App Management in Microsoft’s Future?

Despite numerous flops along the way, Microsoft has a track record of astounding the IT world by surmounting mighty high hurdles. Could crossplatform application management be next in line? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Big Changes Looming for Windows Server and Management Tools

Several years from now, SMS and MOM will both be history. As Microsoft adopts a new “self-healing” architecture, administration and monitoring tools will instead gradually be integrated into the OS, application servers, and applications. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the changeover, though, reports Jacqueline Emigh.

In the Year 2005, Will Your Anti-Spam Arsenal Be the Same? The Spam Series, Part 3

A couple of years from now, will you still be relying on the same anti-spam strategy you’re using today? Jacqueline Emigh takes a look at the anti-spam scene as it stands today and reveals where it appears to be headed in the near future.

Picking Your Anti-Spam Poison: The Spam Series, Part 2

The onslaught of spam is spawning a growing spate of solutions, but which approach to fighting spam is best for your organization? Join Jacqueline Emigh as she reveals the pros and cons of the various host-based services, hardware appliances, and software gateways currently available for combating spam.

Stomping Out Spam: The Spam Series, Part 1

The onslaught of spam is spawning a growing spate of solutions. Join Jacqueline Emigh as she delves into the issue of how spam proliferates so quickly, and why it’s driving administrators to deploy anti-spam products in droves.

Global Internet ‘Early Warning System’ on the Way

About three weeks from now, Matrix NetSystems and a still unnamed partner will launch a global Internet “early warning system” aimed at alerting customers to cyberattacks in plenty of time to fend off damage. Meanwhile, Jacqueline Emigh reports the new Internet management service provider has just inked a deal with netVmg, developer of a solution for routing traffic across ISP links according to specified enterprise policies.

A Backseat To Backup No Longer: Archiving Infiltrates E-mail Policies

While most enterprises have yet to put policies in place for message archiving, a growing number of administrators are starting to address the issue and many analysts are now advocating the inclusion of archiving in corporate e-mail policies. Jacqueline Emigh surveys the archiving and records management (ARM) scene and covers several tools that automatically enforce e-mail archiving policies.

ARMing Your E-mail with Archiving

Most companies have learned the wisdom of backing up their e-mail, sometimes the hard way. Now, faced with growing regulatory pressures, especially with the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and shrinking message stores, some administrators are moving on to ‘arming’ their messaging systems with software in the emerging category of ARM (archiving and records management).

The 411 on Digital Forensics

Jacqueline Emigh undresses the sexy part of the computer security world in tackling the somewhat ambiguous term ‘Digital Forensics.’ (2/6/03)

Migration Path in Place for Lotus Notes to NextGen

IBM is planning a new release of Lotus Domino/Notes for 2004 that will act as a migration path to the NextGen architecture based on WebSphere and DB2. Meanwhile, the first two products in the NextGen family — a lightweight e-mail system and a learning management offering — are slated for release this year. (1/31/03)

Web Conferencing Choices on the Rise

While corporate travel budgets have all but evaporated over the last two years, the use of Web conferencing has grown by leaps and bounds. Jacqueline Emigh takes a look at the options currently available and explores what’s on the horizon for the Web conferencing software and services market.

SharePoint: Reviewing the New Features in Version 2

The new capabilities in SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) 2 are likely to include sign-on (SSO), user and application management services, and personalization.


Additional Articles by Jacqueline Emigh (2002 Articles)

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July – December 2002 Articles:

SharePoint: Love It, Leave It, Or Hope For More

Microsoft gets top marks for its Sharepoint vision from the same analysts who turn around and report the software is still years from ‘workable.’ What’s up with Microsoft’s portal solution? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Mac & Linux on the Horizon for GroupWise

While GroupWise 6.5 moves through public beta to good reviews, Novell is preparing its product for new platforms, more scalability, and lower TCO.

Buried By The Authentication Avalanche

PINs, passwords, PKI, and more… everyone agrees authentication needs to be improved, and everyone and their uncle has a solution. Which way to go in the fractionalized authentication market?

Net Admins Play Wireless Whack-a-Mole

At this week’s InfoSecurity Show, experts discussed wireless weakness, from poor (but improving) security protocols to $14 rogue access points popping up like mushrooms. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

GroupWise 6.5 Beta: Novell’s Challenge to MS Exchange

Groupwise 6.5 Beta is playing to good reviews among analysts and administrators. Jacqueline Emigh reports on the highlights, including enhanced administrative controls and junk-mail filtering.

WPA: Is Wi-Fi’s Security Bandage Going to Win Over Network Admins?

Faced with widespread concern over WEP’s problems as a security standard, the Wi-Fi Alliance introduced WPA as an interim fix. Are administrators going to adopt it or wait for next years’s 802.11i? Jacqueline Emight reports.

Laptops: Is Your Network’s Integrity Flying Out the Door?

When a laptop flies out the door, so can your network integrity. Jacqueline Emigh explains how companies are securing their most vulnerable endpoints.

Sprint’s UAM Arrives to the Enterprise Instant Messaging Fray

While AOL pushes its new enterprise IM gateway, and other vendors wait on a standard, Sprint pushes in to the market with its Linux- or Solaris-based UAM.

Untangling the Lotus Feature Set

The latest from Lotus is a study in crossplatform focus, but what you get varies from platform to platform. Jacqueline Emigh untangles the feature list you can expect, depending on where you’re running Domino/Notes.

New Consortium Links IT and Physical Security

Network managers have been steadily improving their track record in IT security, just in time for a new emphasis on physical security, as a regional cyber security consortium takes off.

Novell Launches eDirectory 8.7 — And It’s Free for iPlanet Directory Users

Novell has leveled the newest version of its LDAP metadirectory straight at Sun with a giveaway assault on its rival’s iPlanet Directory Server.

Passwords — Automated Reset, Anyone? How about Microsoft’s Kokanee?

So you’ve got single sign-on but you’re still taking 300 calls a day from users who forgot their password? They don’t like telling you their new password? How does automated password reset with voice verification sound?

Bells and Whistles Add Up with Lotus’s Latest

If you’re still unsure about a move to Lotus Notes/Domino 6.0, here’s a rundown of the veritable chorus of bells and whistles you’ll see on the client side and some tips on server setup, too.

Lotus Domino – Should You Upgrade or Migrate, Now or Later?

In the battle between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange, the latest release of Notes/Domino may shake Exchange’s grip on the server as Outlook maintains client supremacy.

Eyes On Disaster Recovery: Enterprise Wireless Beyond WLANs

‘Enterprise Wireless’ doesn’t just mean ‘WLAN’ anymore as companies search for disaster recovery alternatives and come to grips with popularity of instant messaging among their employees.

Portal Management – Do You Know What It Takes?

Corporate portals may seem to be an idea that came and went, but for the company that does launch one, it can mean big changes for IT staff and network managers. How might your job change? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

NAS or SANs? Will Your (Future) Storage Manager Decide?

Choosing storage options can be a hard call to make, especially when each member of your IT team has a different set of needs and skills. Jacqueline Emigh reports on how the experts recommend you make those calls.

As Microsoft Moves Management Forward, How Will Partners Fare?

As Microsoft gets better than anyone else at managing Windows, there’s a chance it will make a play for the multiplatform space as well.
Will long-standing partnerships withstand the strain?

MOM Revisited: “Extensible Platform” or Bloatware?

While one person’s ‘extensibility’ is another’s ‘bloat,’ Microsoft and partners are taking steps to pare down the complexity behind MOM as they search for advantage in a tough market.

MOM vs. The Giants: Microsoft Struggles for Net Management Supremacy

Though already out for a year, and despite Microsoft’s control of the underlying architecture, MOM faces a fight for the hearts and minds of network managers.

Down the Novell Identity Spiral with iChain

With the release of its iChain security appliance, Novell begins the march toward complying with the Liberty Alliance’s identity management specifications. How will it fare against smaller security specialists like Netegrity and RSA?

OpenView Delves Deeper Into Systems Management

Through a series of technology investments in OpenView, Hewlett-Packard has been delving deeper and deeper into crossplatform enterprise systems management. Now, users and analysts are definitely feeling the impact.

Changes Loom for Novell’s Groupwise and Netmail

As the usual sniping with Microsoft continues, a reinvigorated Novell is moving its GroupWise and NetMail offerings forward with a multiplatform world firmly in mind.

Is a Taste of ICE Easier to Swallow than the Whole Enchilada?

Integrated messaging environments like Exchange, Notes, and Groupwise are often dinged for cost and complexity. When are they a good fit, and when is it best to marginalize their role in your organization? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Should You Offload Messaging Management?

Managing messaging is a science for most operations, provided they have the expertise on hand. When is it a good time to save yourself some hassle and hand your organization’s mail and messaging over to an outsourcer?

Novell and Microsoft Pitch ICEballs in August

Are Microsoft Exchange and its clients security sieves, or is Novell just saying so to cover up a desperate attempt to catch up with its GroupWise ICE? Jacqueline Emigh reports that the companies never quit sparring.

Zenworks for Desktops Beta: Users Report Peaceful Coexistence with Windows

Novell’s Zenworks for Desktops 4 allows network administrators to mesh it with their existing Windows infrastructure as Novell beefs up interoperability and retrenches for a heterogeneous world.

Move Past Tape Backups and Clean Up Your Network Storage

As the mountains of enterprise data keep piling up, network managers need to do more about storage than mere tape backup, including taking a look at disk-to-disk options.

Jaguar – Apple Talks Up 802.11, Bluetooth, and Security

Though much of the keynote and subsequent buzz at this week’s MacWorld focused on end users, MacOS X’s upcoming release has some features of interest to network pros.

Thwart Attacks from Inside the Wire

Intrusion detection is usually outward-facing. What do you do when your intruders are already ‘inside the wire’ and attacking from within?

IPV6: Workarounds to IPV4 Stand in the Way

In one of networking’s little ironies, some of the technologies in place to extend the life of IPv4 are making life harder on net admins trying to implement IPv6. Jacqueline Emigh explains.


Additional Articles by Jacqueline Emigh (January – June 2002)

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January – June 2002 Articles:

Wireless WANs – Miles To Go for Manageability?

Are 802.11 wireless LANs ‘descending into a valley of disappointment’ or just working the bugs out? Experts disagreed at PC Expo/TechXNY.

P2P: Life Beyond Hype and Annoyance

P2P may have started public life as a bandwidth-hogging annoyance for network admins everywhere, but it’s becoming clear the second generation of P2P frameworks will satisfy your need for security, manageability, and scalability.

Security Policies – Not Yet as Common as You’d Think

Some studies show nearly half of surveyed IT executives have no formal security policy in place. Why are many in the industry running in place when it comes to security?

Information Sharing – Reactions Are Mixed to Government Overtures

While the Federal government pushes companies to share information on security practices and incidents, some in the private sector are unsure of the benefits and nervous about disclosure requirements.

The Crowded SLA Market: Getting Your Money’s Worth

As the Service Level Agreements market grows, it’s getting hard to determine which vendor has the most to offer. Here’s a look at some features to consider before catching this wave.

IPv6: Migration Issues Loom for Network Administrators

In the second part of our series on IPv6, we look at where operating system and hardware vendors stand in the migration process and some strategies you can adopt to make the transition easier.

PKI: Who Do You Trust?

PKI makes end-to-end security an easier proposition, but mismanagement can create liabilities that leave managers wondering about the integrity of its ‘web of trust.’

IPv6: What You Need to Know

IPv6 is coming, and more’s going to change than the total number of available IP addresses. This is the first in our series on what you need to know about IP’s newest incarnation.

Service Level Agreement Tools Get Proactive

Already favored for application-level measurement and problem-solving, SLA’s are moving toward more active, fix-it roles even as their target market sometimes fails to grasp all their current uses.

VPN’s: Ready for More than Simple Remote Access?

By now, organizations with plenty of telecommuters aren’t strangers to VPN’s, but network managers are finding possibilities and problems as they expand the VPN’s role.

Security Tools: Administrators’ Wish List

What do administrators really want in security tools? Customers say auditability, flexibility, usability, and most of all, vendor responsiveness.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan: How Newer Technologies Will Help

Disaster recovery involves more than making backups and mailing them to Iowa: learn how up and coming network technologies can assist you in planning for the worst.

Are You Up to Speed on Provisioning Tools?

If user administration is consuming all your time, it’s probably time to catch up on the state of the art in provisioning tools.

SPC Releases Storage Benchmarks to General Acclaim and a Little Dissent

It’s taken four years, but the Storage Performance Council has finally unveiled online transaction processing benchmarks as dissenters claim flawed reflections of real world performance.

N+I Preview: Security’s a Focus

Vendors will demo a lot of security products at this year’s NetWorld+Interop, as the first in a two part look at what’s up in Las Vegas shows.

Server Consolidation: Fewer Headaches for Net Admins?

When it comes to which platform (or platforms) to use for server consolidation, opinions vary widely, and some ‘consolidated’ shops still use more than one operating system.

VPNs Grapple with Administrator Concerns

As the VPN market expands, net administrators find themselves confronted with levels of complexity they hadn’t anticipated as solutions providers diversify offerings and appliances vie with outsourced management.

PKI Group Turns to Teaching Technology

Is PKI too difficult to implement and too complex to grasp? Some analysts say so as the PKI Forum works to increase user education while stressing its applicability to government, business, and health industries.

So Far Away and Yet So Close: High Availability Meets Remote Management

How about a world where ‘bluescreened’ servers can be recovered over the network? Intel-based high availability systems got some attention at Microsoft’s WinHEC.

Back to the Drawing Boards with Wireless Nets

As wireless networks spread, network admins have to go back to the drawing board and rethink security, end-user education, and policy issues.

New Tools Turn the Tables on Wayward Remote Users

Companies are rolling out tools that connect remote workers to coporate networks safely, even when the road warriors would rather live dangerously.

New Security Benchmarks Go ‘Down in the Weeds’ for Policy Enforcement

The Center for Internet Security hopes to ease enterprise policy compliance with a new suite of security benchmarks that bring cut-and-paste simplicity to network device configuration.

Net Storage Management Platform: A Simpler Life for Admins and Developers?

In the traditionally highly fragmented storage market, more than 300 companies have banded together to provide a middleware architecture aimed at tying together disparate network storage solutions.

Remote Net Management Works for NatSource

When energy trader NatSource found HP’s OpenView falling down on the job, its staff followed a growing trend and turned to remote net management.

Building From Scratch: RadioShack Gets Ready For DirXML

Using DirXML to tie Netware Directory Services and PeopleSoft8 together, RadioShack takes a relatively uncharted road to human resources management over the network.

Any Solution In a Storm? Novell’s Sketchy Survival Strategy

Analysts, users, and Novell are at loggerheads over the company’s ‘solutions’ strategy and product cuts aimed at its Netware line.

The Powerful, Peerable Squid Caching Proxy: A Flexible Performer

If conserving bandwidth or increasing the responsiveness of popular web sites are big concerns, consider the Squid caching proxy: a flexible, powerful network object caching package that may be difficult to configure but provides a welcome remedy for network congestion. Jacqueline Emigh takes a look and talks to a pair of ISP’s using powerful, peerable Squid.

Bay City Schools Roll with Netware: A Case Study

When the Bay City school system faced the challenge of implementing a state-of-the-art VPN to work with their multi-platform system in just a few months, they turned to a VAR, a major direct channel manufacturer of computers, and a maker of NOSs that some would mistakenly call a legacy. Jacqueline Emigh reports on how they accomplished their mission goal with time to spare.

LSB — Can It Help Network Managers Cope with Linux?

An emerging standard called Linux Standard Base (LSB) is getting lots of play lately as a boon to software developers. If all goes as planned, though, network managers could start benefiting, too, possibly as early as the end of this year.

Dealing with Network Security Scofflaws

Try as you might, you just can’t stop users from opening virus-ridden e-mail attachments, or compromising security in some other manner. What can you do about it? Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Browsing for Security Policies

It’s pretty clear that networks are going to need to pay special attention to security this year, and now is still not too late to review (or put into place) effective security policies. Jacqueline Emigh reports that there are a good many resources that offer templates to get you started.(1/24/02)

Driveby Hacking on the Go, Part 2

Right now, a lot of war driving is apparently still being done just for fun. Driveby hackers catch a bit of free Internet access, or eavesdrop on e-mail. However, if left wide open, the security holes in wireless networks carry the potential for much more serious consequences.

Driveby Hacking on the Go, Part 1

War Drivers, otherwise known as Driveby Hackers, may be stealing services from your LAN. Administrators, security pros, and students have been checking out just how easy it is to gain access to Wireless LANs using little more than a laptop, wireless card, and a sniffer. Are you at risk?


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